Worldfest, Bloodstock, Big Cheese & Tattoos

Resin @ Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Final, The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 7th July 2013 004

Resin’s busy weekend kicked of at Hollycroft Park in Hinckley for Worldfest. I’d never been to Hollycroft Park, let alone Worldfest, so wasn’t sure what to expect? The weather certainly was going to help as the sun was pounding on everyones skins. Hollycroft park is a great place for a gig. A natural amphitheatre with a large bandstand, and lush greenary alround, the perfect setting for a family day out. We went on first doing a unplugged set which is a bit of a rarity these days, doing mostly covers with a few of are own thrown in. The crowd seemed to love it, especially Sweet Child O Mine, especially 1 fan, but more on that later. Cheers to everyone who came and said hello after, and enjoyed our set.

Resin @ Worldfest, Hollycroft Park, Hinckley

After a Resin BBQ evening at James pad (great food!, don’t miss if you get an invite!), it was time for our Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Final at The Queens Hall in Nuneaton. The competition was going to be fearce as we were up against some great bands. Simon Hall from Bloodstock was in attendance and would be a guest judge for the evening.

First up was Chaos Engine, followed by Invictus. Both bands put on great sets and performed much better than they had in the semi finals, also helpped by the fact that we all had someone working the lights which always adds to any performance. Next was Internal Conflict who were amazing, and set the bar for what needed to be beaten if you wanted to win.

Following them was a band called Almost Easy, who I hadn’t seen yet, but everyone was raving about. They came on stage and looked like a bunch of losts kids, but when they started playing that all changed. A band made up of 14 year olds pretty much showed everyone one up, they were great and have a long future in front of them.

Next we went on and debuted a new song called “Burn”. We only started writting this tune 3 weeks ago, and we thought it was right to play it in the final. That’s 2 new songs we’ve debuted in this competiton in sucessive rounds, not bad writting speed while maintaining the quality. Anyways we had a blast and thought we were in with a shout at the glory. You can see our new song “Burn” and the judges giving the results below.

After that set back, we had another. Our first national printed media coverage was published in the well known Big Cheese magazine. They were kind enough to review our debut album “Embrace The Fall” (rereleased 5th August if you had forgotten!) and here is what they thought.

Resin Embrace The Fall Big Cheese Review July 2013

This is the first negative review we have every had, so we aren’t taking this to heart. We believe in what we do, and so do you our fans. Don’t worry Big Cheese, we shall remember this day.

So to end this post on a slightly higher note just like a Disney film, here is a picture of our first (as far as we know) fan tattoo! After seeing Resin for the first time on Saturday at Worldfest, legend fan Paul Wykes got our name tattooed on his forearm! If you have a Resin tattoo send us a pic and get on our website.

Paul Wykes Resin Tattoo