We are Arts In Leicester’s Band of the Month


That’s right, we are band of the month for March 2012. Part of the deal is being interviewed. Here’s what happened:-

Artsin: Hello Resin. Tell us a bit about your band. When did you get going?

Resin: The line up we have now has been together for 18 months; we hopefully will have the fifth member soon. It’s been a long haul – getting the right mix of people and the last piece in the jigsaw i.e. the drummer, will make us complete.

We have a good feeling the drummer position will be filled in the near future. We’ve met and rehearsed with some drummers. There will be a name to this slot very soon.

Artsin: So, how did you guys come together? How did you all get into the band?

Resin: Sime and Chez met James when they were both leaning against the bar one night doing open mics. W”e started doing Alice in Chains covers together, after listening to James sing an original Afrikaans song at one of those nights. We asked him to learn an AIC song that we could perform as a threesome.

James:I’d always wanted to do more of this style of music but never had the right musicians around me to do so. When Chez and Sime came over with free beer I knew it was the right move! From this we got asked to do some gigs, so got a friend to drum and another to play bass for a couple of years. It was only when Sev came along …

Sev: Yeah, I got asked to come and try out for bass around September 2010, but due to other band commitments I don’t think I actually played a note with Resin until November.

Chez: I already knew Sev, as we were playing in a hardcore band called HT76.

Sev: I guess they liked how I played so I got asked to join. That and my facial hair fitted the band look. It then started to feel like we had something special but by this time we had said goodbye to our long term drummer. Thankfully, Leicester local Alex Gamble filled in for us, to honour the gigs we had booked which pretty much brings us up to today!