Voodoo Six, Bloodstock 2014, Danny, Video shoot and gigs, gigs, gigs!!

Resin @ Firebug, Leicester 21st December 2013 060

2014 couldn’t have got off to a better start! First up Danny is really settling into the band. The stuff coming out in the practice room is sounding better than ever, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

If you haven’t already checked out our updated gig listings, go have a look as 2014 is already starting to fill up. More dates are being added all the time, so keep checking back.

One gig we are excited about is supporting Voodoo Six again, this time at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton. We’ve been waiting to play this venue for ages, and these ain’t no better way to do it than supporting a band that have been on tour with Iron Miaden. If you want to come you need a ticket, so click the flyer below and pay £1.00 less than the face value of the ticket!

voodoo six slade rooms

Now more ticket news. Any of you who are planning to going to Bloodstock this year (and who da hell isn’t?!?!) we need you to do us one small favour, and it’s simple. Just follow the link below to buy your ticket – that’s it! Why because if you do, we get a cut of your ticket money, which means we have funds to record our second album and keep doing what you love us to do. Get as many of your friends who go to use the link as well, and we promise all the money will go into recording album 2. There is also a link on our banner on the home page, and at the bottom of every page on htis website. So get clicking, and we’ll see you there (hopefully! More on that later).

So speaking of Bloodstock, we have again entered the awesome metal the masses competition running at the Crew in Nuneaton. Our first round gig is on Sunday April 20th, and as usual crowd responce is a large part of the judging. So if you want to see us at Bloodstock 2014, then make sure you come down and scream your tits off for Resin!

And speaking of the Crew in Nuneaton, we recorded our first ever music video there last Sunday. The track we’ve done is Beskadig from our debut album Embrace The Fall (now availabe in the shop again in a Smart Price version for £4.00 – nice). It’s curently in the editing stage, so should be with us soon.

beskadig video shoot