Resin in the Leicester Mercury

resin in the leicester mercury

Resin’s album launch has made it into the Leicester Mercury today. Here is an excerpt:

“There’s not enough realism in music at the minute. I know we’re in a recession and you might say people need cheering up, but the last recession, you think of songs like Ghost Town. I think of that song representing that era. It’s not happening like that now.”

Love or hate Resin, you couldn’t accuse them of not putting feeling into it, he says. “There’s been things in personal lives going on and I think that comes out in the music.

“If someone sings that they’re hurting it’s because they are hurting – not because our manager has told us to.”

The masterplan now is just to keep gigging. The ultimate goal for 2013 is the get on the bill for Download.

“That’s what we’re aiming for,” says Dave. “If we play Download then we’ll die happy. It’s not a pipe dream, we’re doing things to make it happen.

“It’s our favourite festival and the one that fits our music.

“I’m a seasoned veteran, I’ve been probably six or seven times and Chez has been quite a lot. I don’t think James has been though, because he doesn’t like camping.

“Alice in Chains are on next year and to be on the same bill as them would be amazing.

“I love playing live. If I could do it professionally, I’d be the happiest man in the world.

“We’re not after massive jets and gold-plated cars, but I’m sure if we could all earn a steady £20,000 a year doing music we’d all take that.”

Massive thanks to Gemma Peplow for the article.

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