Resin are going to Bloodstock & Alt-Fest 2014

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 8th June 2014 002

I’ll start this post by saying – FUCKING HELL!!!!!!! We didn’t think this was going to happen.

So it all starts last Sunday 1st June and the TBFM Factor Final. 390 bands got voted down to just 10 bands, and we were one of them. Out of the top 10 bands, organisers from Alt-Fest were instructed to listen to 3 tracks from the 10 bands left, and pick who they wanted at Alt-Fest. They picked us!!! So we will be playing on the Sophine stage at some point over the weekend, we’ll give you day and time when we know. For those of you who haven’t heard of Alt-Fest it’s a brand new festival so head over and find out more. Headlining is Marilyn Manson, The Cult with Dead Kennedy’s, Killing Joke, Arch Enemy, Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth plus loads of other bands, head over and check it out.

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 8th June 2014 024

Next up was the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses final at The Queens Hall, Nuneaton. After not winner the final last year, and making it all the way there this year, there was nothing we wanted more than to win this competition. The venue was a total sell out with over 300 people crammed into the room. Every band, Curv, Children Lost In Time, Morningstar, The Black Tears and Scattering Ashes all put of excellent performances, but I am totally thrilled to say we won the day. We played as good as we ever have, and couldn’t have done any better.

The crowd was amazing and we want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us in the TBFM factor and getting us to Alt-Fest, and to all the fans who bought tickets and voted for us during Metal To The Masses.

This means Resin will be playing 2 major festival in 2014, and really has given us a massive step up on the ladder. It’s going to be an awesome summer, so go buy your tickets now, and remember to buy your Bloodstock tickets via our website so we get a cut of the money to fund our second album.

Have a look at this video of the moment we found out we’d won Metal To The Masses.

Next up, have a look a this instructional video for the cut out Simon Yarwood doll, which you will be able to donwload soon. The 3rd installment is coming soon. Massive thanks to Marc from Children Lost in Time for making us cry laughing!