Resin Bloodstock 2014 Press

Established in 2001, Bloodstock has progressed over the years from its humble beginnings as a one day event at the festivals spiritual home of the Derby Assembly Rooms to what we have today, a three day full on metal extravaganza held in the grounds of Catton Hall, Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire.

After being invited to play the festival last year, Bloodstock had a place in our heart already so you can only imagine how excited we were to win Metal 2 The Masses this year thus securing us a slot on the New Blood stage, then, to top it off, be invited once more to play an acoustic set on the Jagermeister stage!

Our Bloodstock experience this year was more than we could have ever hoped for so we have compiled a collection of some of the press we recieved from the festival this year for you to enjoy.

We were fortunate to be interviewed by no less than seven great people who work for various media internet outlets.
The Mike James rock show  is a online radio and magazine. See the interview below.

Brutiful Metal Radio delivers the best signed and unsigned music from around the globe. We spoke to Richard Tilley at Bloodstock, the interview can be read here, it’s a long read but worth it.

Planetmosh webzine is a great online metal community, we chatted to Sheila, interview can be listened to here.

Get Your Rock Out is ran by the lovely Felicity Hall who we chatted to, watch the video below for some laughs.

We chatted to Adam from Global Onslaught but he was on such a red bull hype he started the interview by singing to us! The interview is only audio but worth a listen.

Midlands Metalheads are well known for supporting Self signed, unsigned and independent bands, we spoke to Metal Dan, listen below:

Finally, we spoke to Metalmouth about Barbie girl and other strange things…Read the interview here.

We were also lucky enough to get so many video’s taken of our stage appearances, here are a few from the New Blood stage…

…and here are a few snippets from our acoustic set:


Here are a selection of the photo’s of our Bloodstock experience:

Click here to see amazing pictures by Sean Larkin

Photo credit – Daniel McCausland

Photo credit – Daniel McCausland

Lastly, a couple of reviews…
“If there is something about Bloodstock 2013 that stuck in the mind and made you look forward to the next band it was the Jager Stage and the acoustic rendition of Resin; this time round, Resin took the Metal to the Masses route and bossed their district to get perform once more. There was a funky beat to the riffs that just want to make you move to the beat. It was just gorgeous, stunning melodic, punchy riffs absolutely engulfed the massive congregation as the worshipped Simon and all the splendour of what Resin had to offer. It’s a rock dream in the shape of five blokes from Leicester; the diamonds in the rough are finally exposed as Bloodstock brings them to light for a proper no holds barred set of pure hard rock melodies.”
Read in full here.

“From what I’d seen so far over the weekend, the Jagermeister stage performances were generally timed to coincide with the change-over on the main stage, so it was somewhat disappointing to have to witness Resin valiantly battling against a very loud ReVamp on the main stage for the first portion of their acoustic set. Looking and seeming much more comfortable when they were able to play without the sound bleed from the main stage, the band proceeded to play some fine original material including new single ‘Burn’ and additionally included cover versions of ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ and a truly sparkling rendition of System of a Down’s ‘Aerials’ which brought huge applause from the gathered audience. The songs were interspersed with humour and a mention of thanks to tea stall specialists Motley Brew for the sustenance brought a chuckle to people both on and off stage.”
Read in full here.

We hope you enjoyed our Bloodstock experience, we know we did!

With your support, we hope we will see you there again soon.