Recent gig and album reviews

Been a while since a post as lots has been going on behind the scene, so it’s time for a catch up.

First up, we had a great time at The Shed in Leicester a a couple of Fridays back gigging with Obsessive Compulsive on their UK tour. Great band and great people. The place was packed with 3 other local band playing as well. The stand out of which was Three Thirds Below, and great poppy punk band who were really good at what they do, check em out when they are next in your town.

Obsessive Compulsive really took the place up a notch and where a breath of fresh air, something which is badly needed down stairs at the shed! The crowd lapped it up, and got what they wanted.

Next up we played on what was probably the smallest stage we have ever played on! It was so small there was only room on stage for the drum kit and amps, everyone else was in the crowd which made for a really intimate gig. There was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Resin do a cover of Raining Blood by Slayer, our little tribute to the great Jeff Hannemann who sadly passed away that day :(

Obsessive Compulsive @ The Shed, Leicester

The following week we heading to Coventry to do our first ever electric gig in Coventry at the newly reopened and refurbished venue – The Dog. This place has clearly had some money spent on it, and is a venue well worth checking out when your next in Cov. It was a great line up of bands, and a real mix of styles which we great for the massive crowd that turned up to watch. There must have been 200+ there from 9pm onwards, not there for any specific band, just to see some live music, something we badly lack in Leicester.

We had a blast at the gig (after some technical problems), and really enjoyed the very different and original Octogoth. Check out their video below, it doesn’t really do there live act justice, but check it out. We shall be back at The Dog sometime soon.

Now onto a few album reviews we have had of late, all of which are good! Please go have a read of them a spread the word about Embrace The Fall. Remember it is rereleased on August 5th. You can preorder in our shop today!

With influences such as Seether, A Perfect Circle and Alice In Chains, UK based alternative rockers Resin are described as ‘packing a formidable punch’ and being ‘blessed with thoughtful song –writing abilities and a range of musicianship and diversity that is rarely seen amongst today’s current glut of metal/metalcore bands’ – which is a fairly brazen statement! Due to release their new album, Embrace The Fall, on August 5th, Garry from SAN PR sent us through a copy to check out, so we figured that since these guys sound like an act to check out – who were we to refuse?

Kicking off with Entropy we’re led slowly into the beginning of the album, an acoustic guitar line leading the way whilst managing to build a sense of anticipation, combining the soft and melodic sound with a sense that what is to follow is not going to be this laid back. Soon kicking into things fully, the soft and smooth opening moments of the track soon give way to an Alice In Chains style track, the melodic vocals soaring over a chunky riff backing and forming into a sound that’s raw, heavy, groove orientated and the sort of thing that’s sure to get live crowds begging for more. Funky as well as heavy, there’s something about this track which makes you move, getting you involved with what you’re hearing and setting the album up very nicely indeed. This is an approach which continues into Carpe Diem, once again offering us a track which eases into being in an almost Alter Bridge style, before kicking in with that soaring guitar tone once again. Using all of the elements to bolster the sound into something deep and powerful, this is a track which continues the groove orientated approach of the album, showing once again why we should all be paying attention to Resin, and suggesting that there’s a seriously bright future laid out in front of these guys.

Continuing the progression of the album into Fallen, once again it’s clear how able a band we’re dealing with from the word go, using the intricate guitar work to lead the way into things whilst demonstrating their understanding of music through the addition of the cello work, a combination which, on paper, doesn’t necessarily sound like it should work, but does. Dark and haunting, this is a track which uses the softness of the elements to fully accentuate what’s going on, sounding like a hybrid of Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains, and working to lure you in, keep you listening, and keep you begging for more. Pushing all thoughts of chilled out and acoustic style stuff to one side for Fake, we’re soon returned to the more ‘in your face’ and full on approach that got things going, this time leaning on the heavy riffery on offer from the guitars whilst allowing the bass and drums to build on the sound, strengthening it as it goes. Powerful, packed with hooks and the sort of track you find yourself singing along to after only a couple of listens, this is a serious high point on the record for sure, and a moment to make sure you check out.

Working through Instinct and Beskadig, the band continue to demonstrate their prowess at song writing as well as their understanding f their instruments, offering up tracks which are raw, heavy, soft and emotional, both seeming to ooze out of the speakers as they progress and showcasing what the band are capable of doing. It’s when Clouds is unleashed upon us through that a slightly different side is revealed, presenting us with a track that’s groove orientated once again, yet somehow manages to sound ‘off piste’, refusing to follow the conventions laid out by their peers and instead, offering up a style that from hence forth can be known as Resin. Powerful throughout, the raw edge to this track is what stands it out, presenting a track that packs a punch whilst still managing to throw hook after hook out for consideration, a track which holds single potential for sure.

Once again reaching another high for penultimate track Poison, the band have saved one last moment of pure genius for consideration, presenting the listener with a track that’s dark and haunting, yet emotional and catchy at the same time, demonstrating further their guile when it comes to song writing, as well as their ability to play their various instruments. It’s only then left for Clouds (acoustic) to finish the album, closing with a demonstration of how well their tracks work on different levels, and leaving you safe in the knowledge that what you’ve just heard has been something special.

I’ve been impressed by what Resin have put together here as it’s not straight forward, it doesn’t follow convention, and instead, offers up a unique take on post grunge mixed with alternative approaches from start to finish. The band clearly understand their instruments and songwriting, and the tracks on offer here demonstrate this throughout, constantly pushing the boundaries of their style and encouraging the listener to crank the volume, sit back and simply enjoy what they’re hearing – one to watch.

Words: Dave Nicholls