Resin being interview at Strawberry Fields Festival 2012

Achievements to date


Media Exposure

  • Radio air play on BBC Radio Leicester, including a 2 track live session in the studio
  • Video interviews by Get Your Rock Out at Bloodstock 2013, Broccoli events at Strawberry Fields Festival
  • Regular air play on internet radio stations Fist Rock Radio, TBFM and Mtm Rock Show.


“I don’t envy a band that have to follow the previous, however Resin were not phased, starting with a solid, rocky drive that immediately showed their musical talent, both in writing and performing. I took to the singer straight away, a powerful vocalist with a pure rock sound. Their own compositions had the pleasing tones of late 90s/early naughtys bands such as Staind.

Instrumentally Resin have some real talent; a brilliant drummer and a really good solidly bass player (with a very impressive beard!) created the foundations for the guitarists to let loose. Both players use their guitars very well, especially lead guitarist Mark Roseby … wow! What a guitarist! Resin finished their set with a rendition of Alive by Pearl Jam, and my word they nailed it, totally made by Mark’s incredible solo.”

Peter Coombs – Arts In Leicestershire


“Normally a full electric band, Hinckley’s Resin, performed tonight as a four piece acoustic group. The vocals from lead singer James Botha and guitarist Mark Roseby were well blended. This a Group of well experienced and skilled musicians who are every bit as good at their acoustic work as they are when playing with their drummer in a full electric set. The performance was laden with style and character and they delivered a superb set of original songs and covers, including Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, to which they brought their own inimitable style. A pleasing end to a really good evening of musical talent.”

Trevor Locke – Arts In Leicestershire


“I had been playing Resin tracks on my online rock show for around a year before I got to see their live show, a small, intimate pub gig with a few friends, well let me tell you…it’s the last time I take a few friends to see Resin, next time I will be rounding up as many music lovers as I can find and dragging them off to watch their new favourite band for the first time

The set was divided into two sets starting with an acoustic set that contained both original material and covers of some of their favourite bands, bands like Alice in Chains and Stain’d, these are not the usual tracks that you expect to have in a set, they are all from bands that the guys know and respect as artists so you don’t get the mainstream crowd pleasers, you get the good songs that the mainstream overlooks but the fans of the bands love to hear (I particularly enjoyed their version of ‘it’s been awhile’  and the completely stripped back version of ‘sweet child’)

After a short break all hell was let loose, the loud set had a ferocity that I wasn’t expecting from a grunge band, again a mixture of originals and covers which had us all shouting requests between the songs as if we had realised that the guys would be able to play anything we threw at them, and to an extent they did’ my tip for their original work would have to be the acoustic ‘GO WITH THE FLOW’ and the full on ‘ENTROPY’

If you find that Resin are playing a venue close enough for you to get to, I suggest you cancel anything you might have had planned and go see them, don’t be afraid to go chat with them afterwards (they are James: Vocals.. Mark and Simon: Guitars .. David: Bass .. Mark :drums) and don’t forget to tell them that Jaspa sent you along”

Jaspa – MTM Rock Show


“Resin-instinct-oh yeah!!!!!!!! grungy reminds me of the great bands from the 90′s but they have a particular sound that i think will go as far as they want to take it…resin has a great future..just keep rockn 100% rockstar certified”

Loyd Harrell – Fist Rock Radio


“Caught Resin playing the Riverside festival today. Wow. It’s be easy to slot these boys into a genre, to start comparing them to Queens of the Stone Age, or maybe even to go back to the likes of Black Sabbath, but that would miss the point. This is music of today, full of energy and happiness, a band that clearly loves their art. Great tunes, well structured songs, sublime harmonies, brilliant performers, but even that doesn’t pin down the sheer joy that this band has in playing their music, and the enthusiasm of the crowd listening to them. A great set, and a band I shall definitely go and see again”

Steve Burton – Leicester Musician