Lots of new gig dates! The Vault, and Battle for Bloodstock


Word must be spreading as we have had a rush of gigs being booked this week, it’s been hard to keep up. We are well pleased to have been included in TBFM’s 4th Birthday Party bash. We are opening the weekend long event on the Friday night when the headliners will be Doctor & The Medics!

tbfm 4th birthday

Other exciting news is that after our album launch party last year at Firebug Leicester, we have booked the venue again for a Resin Christmas Party. Our plan is to bring to Leicester the best bands we have gigged with throughout the year, and put on the best rock gig in Leicester for Christmas. Tickets prices will be kept to a minimum, and will be on sale soon.

Friday nights gig at The Vault in Rugby has been a long time coming, as we have been trying to play there for over a year, and it didn’t disappoint. Great venue (well hidden, massive thanks to the girls who acted as our tour guides), with some big names having played there and Drowning Pool and Fozzy headling there in a few weeks! Was a top night with the cream of Rugby’s local talent headlining the night. We hope to be back soon.


Sunday night was our Battle for Bloodstock, not something we were holding much hope out for as we don’t see ourselves has heavy enough for what your average Bloodstock fan wants, but we went to do our thing and find out. Other bands on including our friends Internal Conflict. Was an awesome night and loads of people came to support the bands even though it was a Sunday which was awesome to see. All the bands put on awesome performances, but in the end Internal Conflict won and head onto the semi finals. Resin got the wildcard vote, which means there is a chance we could be in the semi finals, but we will have to wait and see.

O2 Academy with Voodoo Six and Resin TV


Last Sunday night we were back at The O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham to support Voodoo Six on their UK tour before they head off to support Iron Maiden on their European tour. It’s starting to feel like home as we’ve played there so much in the last few months.


Opening up the night was Piston from Cannock. Great bunch of lads playing balls out rock. Due to the amount of kit being left on stage, space was tight for the support bands with the drum kit off to one side, there wasn’t going to be a lot of running about going on, but Pistons put on a great show which the crowd loved.


Next up we played, with a new set order which worked out really well. We are at the point now where we have the luxury of choosing which songs to leave out of our set, and we are playing around with the running order to see what we like best, tonight was a good set order. Again the limited stage space did seem to dampen our performance, and the first time Resin gig goers will have to wait until next time to see us in full swing!

A cool edition to this gig from our photographer Kate Knight was a camera stuck to Chez’s guitar meaning we could record the whole gig on video of Chez shreading his guitar! Here is a clip……

Cheers to Voodoo Six for having us support them.


Next up, we’ve come up with an idea we are going to test run – Resin TV. We need to get out Youtube Channel buzzing with activity so we’ve come up with a 30 minute show each week of us talking about Resin and everythung else going on in the the music scene in both Leicester and the world. We want you are fans to get involved too, and we want you to get in touch and ask us anything you want to know the answer to, no matter how stupid or personally, and we will try and answer everything. A select few of you who get in touch will get to judge the pilot episode we are going to record next week, so again get in touch if you want to be one of the first people to see Resin TV.



O2 Leicester and The Queens Hall Nuneaton

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 24th March 2013 015

After a couple of weeks off from gigging, we couldn’t wait to get back on it this weekend with back to back gigs. First up O2 Leicester for Linear’s EP launch party. O2 Leicester is somewhere we have never played, which is strange as it’s our home town and we’ve played at other O2 venues around the country, so Saturday was about putting that right.

I’ve not been to the O2 in Leicester to see a gig before or look around, and I was totally gob smacked by how big and pro the venue is! Just looks like a scalled down Birmingham O2, holds 1700, why da hell aren’t more touring bands coming here!?!?!

There was 4 acts on, first up a solo guitarist who stepped in last minute due to illness. Forgot his name but I’ve seen him before, and remember him well as he sings a song about being a “Dick Head” – Entertaining.

Resin @ O2 Academy, Leicester 23rd March 2013 014

Next up was Feedback Voice. Didn’t know anything about this band but presumed from their shirts and large floppy hair they were going to be an indie band, I guessed right. Lead guitarist and bass player showed how good they are at playing their instruments – quite impressive, but overall it was sterotypical up stroke, tone knob at full Strokes style indie. They did a cover of a Strokes song which was by far the most pleasing track to the crowd. Will be interested to see this band again in a few years.

Next up was Resin. We had a few techinical problems during our set, amps not behaving, and guitars making sounds they are not ment to be making, but overall we loved it, just need bumping up to the bigger stage next time (wink wink nudge nudge Andy).

Next was the reason we are all here Linear. Cool young band with a front man who sounds so like Morrisey it’s scary. Look forward to seeing them again sometime soon.

Resin @ O2 Academy, Leicester 23rd March 2013 002

Sunday night was a test run gig for TBFM and was the first of a series of shows they are going to be putting on around the country. We opened up, and it was awesome to see loads of familiar Hinckley faces as we haven’t gig around home for a while. There are 2 awesome things aboout the Queens Hall in Nuneaton, 1) Massive stage, 2) Massive PA! Forgot to mentions the light rig. It really is a top rate venue which should be visited by everyone more often. It was an awesome night with us, The Glass Guns and Silent Jack all trying our best to destroy a Sunday evening.

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 24th March 2013 011

TBFM were not only putting on a free gig for everyone, but they were also filming the whole gig. It’s going to be used for some promotional video or something so keep a look out, but in the mean time we have all our footage, and we will be adding it to our video section over the next few weeks. Entropy is alreadt there so go take a look, and check out the awesome pictures taken by Kate Knight!

We are back at The Queens Hall in a few weeks for Battle for Bloodstock, so we’ll see you then…

Voodoo Six support at O2 Birmingham & Rugby

Resin @ O2 Academy, Birmingham 9th February 2013 062

Resin are pleased to announce we will be supporting Voodoo Six at O2 Academy 3, Birmingham on 31st March (Easter Sunday) before they head off on tour with Iron Maiden! Tickets are available in the shop at a discount price off us £7! This is a massive gig for Resin, and we can’t wait for Easter to come! Massive thanks to Emma Scott for booking us, and get your tickets while there are some left!

voodoo six

What an awesome gig last night at The Alexendra Arms in Rugby. This was our second visit to this venue, last time we had to play unplugged due to Mark being unavailable, but this time we brought our amps. Local act Rob Lowe kicked of the evening with a great set of unobvious songs including Portishead! Great to hear a solo act not doing the same songs as everyone else!

Next we did a short unplugged set to get our fingers limbre, and the swelling crowd singing along. Straight after we plugged in and turned up. One of the most sweatty gigs we’ve every done, I think 4 stone was lost in weight overall! We mixed in a few covers with all of our own songs and the crowd lapped it up. Awesome night!

chez rugbysime rugby

Also Mark has a new kick drum skin with the new logo one it which was on show last night for the first time.

drum skin

New manager, bye bye old manager, Kettering & Download

Resin @ O2 Academy, Birmingham 9th February 2013 064

So we are looking for a new manager / PR person. We are parting ways with our manager Kevin Gaughan after a years service. We’ve enjoyed working with Kev, and would highly recommend his services if you are an emerging Leicester band. But it’s time for us to step up a level, so we begin a new search. If you are interested and think you can help take Resin to the next level, please get in touch. So thanks Kev, and good luck with what ever you do next. But I should add that Kev will still be involved with Resin in and around Leicester.

kevin gaughan

Last Saturdays gig was in Kettering (somewhere we’ve never gigged before) upstairs at Jaspers Bar. What a big venue! And a ex lap dancing club, sadly the dancer have long gone, but that did mean the people there were going to watch the bands. First up was Stonepit Drive who started their set with a heavy version of Poker Face by Lady GaGa. Dispite this initial waste of my time they put on a solid performance, and anyone wearing a Dan Marino jersey has taste.

Next was Divine Solace who have a keyboard player? Drummer was very impressive as well as the axe skills of the front man. But pointless walking around “I’ve got a wireless guitar” is worthy of vomit. I was more impressed with the array of table snacks provided by Chez (image below). Next we played to the remaining crowd (lots left before we begain, presumably because they could see we didn’t have wireless guitars, and because the other bands had run over by 40 minutes and it was now nearly midnight). We left some Resin love in Kettering, and some copies of Embrace the Fall are now in circulation.

 resin @ jaspers bar, ketteringresin dinner

Next here is a little review from our last O2 Academy Birmingham gig.

resin o2 academy birmingham review

Lastly well done to our friends Emperor Chung and Mordecai who have both been added to the Download line up for 2013. We have gigged with both these bands over the last 12 months, and highly recommend you go check them out if your heading to Donnington in June.

Resin on TBFM right now!

TBFM Hell 666 with Resin

Click the play button to listen to Resin on TBFM right now! We are on the Hell 666 program where we get the chance to banish things we choose to hell. Join us in the chat room!

TBFM Hell 666 with Resin

TBFM, The Shed, O2 Academy Birmingham and new songs!

Resin @ O2 Academy, Birmingham 9th February 2013 025

Another hectic few days for Resin kicking off last Thursday with Jay, Stacy and Nomad from the awesome TBFM. Resin recorded an episode of their Hell 666 program, we got to nominate 5 things we could send to hell if Jay approved them after much debate, and in return we got 10 seconds per item we got into hell to promote ourselves. It was a piss funny night and you can hear the show on Sunday 17th February on TBFM. And you can  listen to the advert here.

We are going to be doing a few things in the future with TBFM, and they seem like fucking awesome people. They have a unsigned band chart and we are in it. Click the image below to vote for us – do it now!!!!! And then go listen to TBFM!!!

TBFM New Music Chart

TBFM Hell 666 with Resin

Friday night was Glastonbudget auditions at The Shed, Leicester, and the first performance of our new song. 4 bands on, first up a young band who’s name I can’t remember (I’m crap at that), awesome slappy poppy bass player. Next up was a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tribute band. They took 25 minutes to setup, played a crap set for 45 minutes (ment to be 30!), and then took forever to get off the stage – wankers with wigs on!

We played next and we had a new song to unleash, and a new set list. New song seemed to go down well, and we were well pleased with the set, felt really strong, all killer and no filler! The soundman at The Shed kindly recorded out set for us, so look out for that soon. Next up was another band who’s name I can’t remember. Kinda liked the front man, and the songs were solid, but performance was a bit arkward. Special shout outs to Tallia and Ashleigh for helping us name our new song – Open Heart Trauma. Check out pictures from this gig here, and watch the video of Open Heart Trauma below:

Resin @ The Shed, Leicester 8th February 2013 01

Resin returned to the O2 Academy 3 on Saturday for an Emma Scott Presents gig with Mordecai, The Whiskey Syndicate and My Great Affliction. We love this venue, and it gives the best sound Resin have ever had, the best place to see us live (so far). Mordecai were on stage first, and they were fucking awesome! You should all go check them out. We went next and lucky for us the place was about full. 40 minutes of pure fun (apart from Chez amp breaking so he couldn’t change sounds, and Marks kick drum pedal breaking), we wish we could play here every night.

Most of the crowd were there to see Whiskey Synicate, and they didn’t disappoint with a great show including a bass solo, something rarely seen at gigs these days. My Great Affliction ended the evening giving the crowd more of what they wanted. Birmingham now has a lot more Resin CD’s and TShirts floating around in it, we will be back a soon as we can! Special thanks to the army of people taking pictures (check them out here), and to everyone who travelled far to come and see us at a awesome venue.

Resin @ O2 Academy, Birmingham 9th February 2013 027

500 mile weekend for Resin

Resin @ The Snooty Fox, Wakefield 26th January 2012

What a hectic weekend it’s been for Resin, 500 miles added to the gig miles for this year. Saturday night was at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield, what an awesome venue! Band TShirts from all the bands that have played there lined the walls a celling, awesome sound man and who made us sound amazing, 6 camera video of the whole gig (he forgot to press record because he was enjoying us so much lol, next time we will sort a DVD out!).

Opening up was local lad and the first every follower of Resin on Soundcloud – Dyl McPrice. Dyl put on an awesome solo acoustic guitar set, the dude has an awesome voice. Next up was us, the stage was pretty large which suits us fine, and Mark looked like he was in Iron Maiden with the light rig arching over him. After us was the second gig for Screaming Life, friends of ours who are a Soundgarden tribute band. Although they didn’t rate there own performance we loved it!

The Snooty Fox is an awesome venue, and we can’t wait to come back!

dudescreaming life

After a short amount of sleep it was down south to London village to play Water Rats near Kings Cross. A venue with lots of character, and probably the best sound we’ve had in London so far. I didn’t catch the name of the opening band, but they were fun to watch, and had lots of energy. Next we played and gave our all, especially for Mareike Wunderlich who she says is our biggest fan, and paid us the compliment of being the best UK grunge band she has seen in 10 years! – Cheers!

Next up was Death Valley Knights who shreadded the place to bits with their thrash anthems. The last band seemed too pissed to stand up, and hadden’t bothered to watch the other bands, so we went home for some rest, after stopping at the UK’s worst service station where everything was shut, and you couldn’t buy a coffee or the pointless crap you can usually buy in a service station.

traveldeath valley knights

Just to let you know you can now download our debut album Embrace The Fall on Google Play here, and listen to it on Spotify.

Here is a video of Poison from the Water Rats gig – enjoy!

“Embrace The Fall” now available on iTunes

Resin Embrace The Fall Album Launch Party @ Firebug, Leicester 19th December 2012 005

That’s right folks, the moment all of you have been waiting for, you can now download Resin’s debut album “Embrace The Fall” on iTunes. £0.79 per track, £7.11 for the whole album. Click the link here to go straight to the store. The album will also be available on Amazon and other online retails very soon, we will let you know when.


Roadhouse gig, new songs, new vid and snow!

Resin @ The Roadhouse, Birmingham 17th January 2013 03

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Resin camp, filling the calendar up for the year with gigs, working on new material and having our Christmas party!

Firstly, we braved the snow last night and made it to our gig at The Roadhouse in Birmingham, half of the bands didn’t, and not many of the crowd. It was our first time at the Roadhouse, and what an awesome venue, we will be back! Pictures from the gig are up in the Photos section of the website, and we have a new video as well, of our new song “Memories Remain”. This was only the 3rd time we have played it at a gig, so enjoy.

Speaking of new songs, as well as “Memories Remain”, we have 2 more songs nearly completed, and 2 more not far behind, so album 2 is about sorted!

The 2013 calendar is fast filling up with gigs as we try to explode all over the UK. If you want us in for home town, get in touch and we will try and sort something out, promoters get in touch too.

A quick summary of the Resin Christmas party which happened just after Christmas (due to busy gigging schedule). Nice meal, lots of drink, Sev was totally wasted and nearly accidentally (there is a clue in that last word) killed James. If you wanna know more ask us at a gig 😀

We start shooting our first video in the next couple of weeks, lots of updates on that to come. In the mean time, spread the word about Resin, we can’t do it without you! x

Embrace The Fall album review from Global Onslaught

resin corridor

The good people at Global Onslaught have given our debut album a glowing review. Here is an excert:

Like a smoggy cloud Resin shades you from the spot light of imperfection and judgement. It embraces your flaws it entertains your thoughts, fear and fantasies. It lets you project your anger while offers you realism and substance. Something the world has forgotten about. Grunge isn’t dead this is proof it has been transformed re born in to an era that desperately needs it most. Taking a page of wisdom from the veterans of grunge like Alicein Chains, Sound garden, Pearl Jam and Audio slave. It speaks of the darker side of life. The longing for the unattainable, the fear of never truly finding happiness. The swampy dark ocean of secrets we keep like waves of horror smashing us into suffocation.  The dependency on other people, alcohol, drugs, sex and the need to achieve a level of acceptance in society.  I suggest you go and purchase this album it’s an experience.

Read the review in full here.


New website for 2013

Last year was a massive year for Resin, and we are hoping 2013 is even bigger. So with that in mine it was time for a website revamp looking more pro with more cool stuff to look at and interact with. Hope ya like it!

Resin “Embrace The Fall” album launch review

Resin Embrace The Fall Album Launch Party @ Firebug, Leicester 19th December 2012 013

Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year! Thought we’d share this review of our album launch gig at Firebug with you.

2012 was such an awesome year for us, and we can’t wait to get our teeth stuck into 2013!


Resin album launch party – “Amazing!

Resin Embrace The Fall Album Launch Party @ Firebug, Leicester 19th December 2012 001

WHAT A NIGHT!!! I think we are all still buzzing from an unforgettable night at our album launch party for “Embrace The Fall”. Everything went really smoothly, and pretty much on time, no technical problems, just lots of people having a great time.

We have a lot of people to thank, so here we go. Special thanks to Kate Knight for all here expert picture taking skills, Alice Lucie Young for her superb cakes (yes they were Alice!!), Kevin Gaughan for maning the merch stand, ArtsIn Leicester volunteers for collecting money, pooring champagne and cake distribution, Dean J Sharman for making us sound amazing, The Dedbeats, Ronin, From The Ashes, and Raptusound for all giving amazing performances, it was like 5 headline bands playing! And finally we would like to thank all you awesome people who came to the gig, and packed the place solid from start to finish! We couldn’t of hoped for anything better.

We are already looking at booking Firebug for another Xmas party next year! More on that soon…

Listen to Resin’s “Embrace The Fall” is full for 24h for free!

embrace the fall album cover

Here you go, you have 24 hours to enjoy, then you have to buy it! :)
Listen to the album here

Resin “Embrace The Fall” album cover revealed!

embrace the fall album cover

Here it is, the album cover for “Embrace The Fall”

Hope you like it, if you do go give Kate Knight (the person responsible) a like!

Resin “Embrace The Fall” full track listing

Resin - Embrace The Fall Album Launch Party

Here it is folks, the track listing for Resin’s debut album “Embrace The Fall”

1. Entropy

2. Carpe Diem

3. Fallen

4. Fake

5. Instinct

6: Beskadig

7. Clouds

8. Posion

Bonus Track – Clouds (Unplugged)

Resin in the Leicester Mercury

resin in the leicester mercury

Resin’s album launch has made it into the Leicester Mercury today. Here is an excerpt:

“There’s not enough realism in music at the minute. I know we’re in a recession and you might say people need cheering up, but the last recession, you think of songs like Ghost Town. I think of that song representing that era. It’s not happening like that now.”

Love or hate Resin, you couldn’t accuse them of not putting feeling into it, he says. “There’s been things in personal lives going on and I think that comes out in the music.

“If someone sings that they’re hurting it’s because they are hurting – not because our manager has told us to.”

The masterplan now is just to keep gigging. The ultimate goal for 2013 is the get on the bill for Download.

“That’s what we’re aiming for,” says Dave. “If we play Download then we’ll die happy. It’s not a pipe dream, we’re doing things to make it happen.

“It’s our favourite festival and the one that fits our music.

“I’m a seasoned veteran, I’ve been probably six or seven times and Chez has been quite a lot. I don’t think James has been though, because he doesn’t like camping.

“Alice in Chains are on next year and to be on the same bill as them would be amazing.

“I love playing live. If I could do it professionally, I’d be the happiest man in the world.

“We’re not after massive jets and gold-plated cars, but I’m sure if we could all earn a steady £20,000 a year doing music we’d all take that.”

Massive thanks to Gemma Peplow for the article.

Read the article in full here.

Resin’s debut album “Embrace The Fall” completed

Resin - Embrace The Fall Album Launch Party

It’s been a while since our last post, so much has been going on around the album launch it’s been hard to find the time. So here is a big post to get you all upto date.

“Embrace The Fall” – Resin’s debut album

The album is all finished. The last few weeks were a real strain, but we got it all done ready for the printing deadline. We’ve all had a listen to it from start to finish, and we are all really proud of what we have accomplished, and we are sure you are gonna love it!!!

The album artwork has all been signed off too, along with a new band logo! If you follow the Resin Facebook page you will have been seeing pages from the album sleeve already. The album cover and new logo will be revealed next week just before the launch date. Speaking of which (just in case you’d forgot), it’s Wednesday 19th December. On this date, you can buy and download the album from iTunes and Amazon, and you can by a copy direct from the band at our album launch night at Firebug, or order a copy from this website.

Resin would like to give a massive huge thank you to Kate Knight from Portraitable Art and Photography for all her excellent work. She is responsible for all the album artwork including the front cover, and she has really captured what this band is about in her photos of us and the album cover.

Gig at The Swan Inn, Evesham

What an amazing gig! This was our second gig at the Swan Inn, Evesham and the place was jam packed from the start. We did a 45 minute unplugged set followed by 60 minute electric. It was an awesome atmosphere and we had a blast, can’t wait to return!

Resin rock the pit and pendulum!

Resin @ O2 Acadamy 3, Birmingham 21st October 2012 016

Resin returned to The Pit & Pendulum in Nottingham last night for an awesome gig. Emperor Chung were in support and were amazing, if you haven’t seen them yet, go watch them!