Kettering, Bloodstock Final & Merch

Resin @ TBFM 4th Birthday Bash, The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 31st June 2013 015

Saturday was our second trip to Kettering, and we played at The Cherry Tree. It was a cramped pub, especially when a double decker bus turned up full of revellers from the Welland Valley Beer Festival looking for a good time, we obliged and gave them some Resin. Dave and Sime spent most of the gig obscured by a wall, but otherwise, good gig. Sprial Dive then continued the show into the small hours until no more beer was left!

Our new merch is now on sale in the web shop. We have white print on black TShirts and ladies vests, availabe in all sizes. Buy online or come ask us at any gig!

resin tshirt

Sunday night was our Semi Final at The Queens Hall Nuneaton for Bloodstock’s Metal to the Masses competition, where the winner gets to play Bloodstock. It was a high quality line up, and the competition was fierce. We were up first, and gave it everything we had, probably one of our best performances for a while, we walked off buzzing! Shame everyone one only got a strict 30 minutes.

boa backstage

Every band who played gave 110%, and I’m glad we didn’t have to judge. In the end, the judges had to changes the rules and put 2 bands through on the night, and 1 wildcard. Chaos Engine took the wild card, Invictus went through as well as (drum roll) RESIN!!!! We were pretty shocked but well pleased to have impressed the judges. The final is on Sunday 7th July at The Queens Hall, Nuneaton. Audidence votes count for a lot in the final decision, so we need as many of you, our loyal fans to come down and show your support! We need you!

boa queens hall