Important Announcement

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 24th March 2013 017

We as a band along with gigging our asses off , writing new tunes and generally getting a name as one of the hardest working underground bands in the UK have also been working really hard behind the scenes ….

What does this mean?

Well there are some exciting things happening over the next few months, and a consequence of this is that from the end of this month our debut album Embrace The Fall will for a while no longer be available for sale, it will be rereleased in August for reasons that will become clear over the coming months.

For those of you that have already bought the cd we thank you from our hearts for your support, you own something special and something that nobody else will ever have an exact copy of.

It will be available to download from all the usual stores until the end of the month but as our first batch of CDs are now all sold that will be the only way to buy it until its rerelease.

There is the option to preorder the Embrace The Fall CD for despatch in August here on the website and from next month you will be able to preorder it from download retailers again ready for August.

Hopefully running up to the rerelease you will start to see the work we have put in coming to fruition and the name Resin will, with a little luck become a name a lot more people are familiar with.

The album will be streaming still on our website and places such as Spotify and Deezer so listen as often as you like and get your orders in!

We will have new design tshirts in the store very soon and those of you that buy one will get a discount if you purchase the cd from us in August !

Here’s to a great year for us and for you our fans that push us to be the best we can, for those that have been with us from the start I’m sure you feel this is a journey we are all making together, we appreciate your support more than you will probably ever know! On that note it is time for you all to play a big part in the next step! Please shout about us share our website, music, photos, gigs, Facebook page anything to add to what we have been working on recently to boost our profile and hey you never know we might even hit the charts in August?

Much love

James , Chez , Sime , Sev , Mark