Ex Defiled Drummer Joins Resin


Well that didn’t take long! We are excited to announce drummer Danny Finch has joined Resin. It only took 1 practice and a few beers to make a decision, the dude makes an epic amount of noise from the kit, is uber talented (hope we can keep up with him), and a nice guy too. Now with have the right drummer in place, 2014 is looking mouth wateringly exciting for Resin. Get to a Resin gig as soon as we are next in your town to see what the fuss is about!



Here is the press release.


We are pleased to finally get back to full speed after a 6 month hiatus from gigging since the departure of Mark last summer , after only one practice session, coffee, tea and beer, where he turned up armed with our entire back catalogue nailed, we tried to break him by throwing our acoustic arsenal at him and still he didn’t waiver! So we are happy to say that ex “The Defiled” drummer Danny Finch has joined our ranks and will be joining us on the road and in the studio ! Coming into Resin half way through the writing session for our second album will bring a fresh outlook his ideas are already making themselves known in the practice room and his enthusiasm and skills have blown us away!


Gear (Beat’s and abuses): Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Roland Vdrums.

Previous bands: Various local Punk, Metal and Funk bands,

The Defiled

Age: 28

Musical Influences : Sevendust, Nonpoint, Alice in Chains, Pop Evil, Twelve Foot Ninja, Ministry, Breaking Benjamin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthrax, Tremonti.

Drummer influences/heros : Morgan Rose, Dave Ghrol, Chad Smith, Robb Rivera, Aaron Rossi, Animal from the Muppets. Josh Freese