Embrace The Fall album review from Global Onslaught

resin corridor

The good people at Global Onslaught have given our debut album a glowing review. Here is an excert:

Like a smoggy cloud Resin shades you from the spot light of imperfection and judgement. It embraces your flaws it entertains your thoughts, fear and fantasies. It lets you project your anger while offers you realism and substance. Something the world has forgotten about. Grunge isn’t dead this is proof it has been transformed re born in to an era that desperately needs it most. Taking a page of wisdom from the veterans of grunge like Alicein Chains, Sound garden, Pearl Jam and Audio slave. It speaks of the darker side of life. The longing for the unattainable, the fear of never truly finding happiness. The swampy dark ocean of secrets we keep like waves of horror smashing us into suffocation.  The dependency on other people, alcohol, drugs, sex and the need to achieve a level of acceptance in society.  I suggest you go and purchase this album it’s an experience.

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