Download, Hinckley Music Festival & Lucy’s Bar

Resin @ Hinckley Music Festival, 22nd June 2013 015

Bit of a Download review to start this post. I was only going for the Saturday, and was well looking forward to seeing Mastodon, Alice in Chains and Iron Maiden all for the first time beleive it or not! I real reason for going of course was to walk around with a Resin tshirt on (picture below) and hand out pre release version of our album, not to have fun at all :)

First up Mastodon, been my favourite band for a few years now, albums are amazing so I pushed to the front for a full experience. Sorry, but what a disappointment! Sound was good, but they band were totally going through the motions. No entertainment at all, limited crowd interaction, just a bit boring, and not much different from listening to the albums at home, not what I expect or want from a live band, but maybe I was just expecting too much? I dunno, anyways, I still can’t stop listening to them!

Next Alice in Chains, the godfathers of Resin. Starting with Them Bones they put on an awesome set, and I was blown away, they were even better than I was expecting. So it was a bag of shit the set got cut short! Probably the best sound of the weekend for me, thick and full!

Motorhead turned up, and did what Motorhead do – rock the fucking place. I never tire of seeing Motorhead, even though you know what’s coming, they have earned a status of immortality through never giving up, staying true to themselves and doing what they want, and that deserves respect. I read Lemmy has been ill this week and had to cancel some shows, get well soom Lemmy, the world needs you!

Queens of the Stone Age were also a big disappointment, not that I have ever been a huge fan. I just don’t enjoy seeing a pretend band. I know who Josh is, but who da hell is everyone else? I don’t care if you are flopping you hair everywhere and rocking out, I don’t know who you are and so don’t care, they are not a band, it’s Josh and some dudes he hired, and I don’t like that, but most other people at Download seemed to, so just me again.

Iron Maiden were amazing! That is all you need to know. I have never seen a show like that, and I can’t think of many bands left in the world who do a show like that. Everyone should see Maiden at least once in their life.

From what we’ve heard our friends Emperor Chung and Mordecai went down a storm so well done to them!

That went on a bit, more Resin News below!

Sev @ Download

Next for Resin was Hinckley Music Festival. We had been looking forward to this gig, a festival in our home town is always going to be a good gig. Although rain was forcast, it was still a healthy turn out (especially in the Chav area full of twats doing drugs in the toilets). It was great to have so many great Leicester bands on the same bill, especially the other great local Hinckley bands Internal Conflict, Mage, Enraged & Axis Mundi. The stage was awesome and really professional, Bill had done an awesome job, as he always does as an experienced local promoter. Big well done to the TBFM lads for manning the main stage and making everything run smoothly.

Luckily for us, everything was running ahead of schedule by the time we were ment to be hitting the stage at 6:30pm, so we went on early and did an extended set – awesome! We had a blast playing on a massive stage with pro kit to all of our friends, why don’t we do this for a living!? Special mention to Matt who came from Manchester to see us, Kelly who came from Taunton, Laura & Jamie coming from Dorset, and to Martin who film us playing our new tune “Shit Storm” have a watch below, and there are also some new vids in the video section of the website.

Last night we headed to Hednesford near Cannock for our first gig up that way. The venue was called Lucy’s Bar, and from the outside looked like a truck stop from Smokie & The Bandit! On the inside it’s a fully kitted brand new music venue with more stage lights than Live Aid!

Questions of Angels started the evening with a new lineup, with a guitarist only joining 2 weeks ago, a brave man been thrown in at the deep end! Followed by Piston who we met at one of our Emma Scott gigs in Birmingham. Was a good night at a great venue, think that place had more kit than all the venues in Leicester put together! We shall return!