Bloodstock 2013!!!!!

Resin @ Bloodstock 2013, Jagermeister Stage 9th August 2013 014

AAAWWEEESSSOOMMEEEE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That kinda sums it up, but if you’d like more details keep reading.

It’s kinda still all of a haze with so much happening and hangovers still in the background, but I will try and put into words Resin’s experience of Bloodstock 2013. Getting there early Friday morning was a good idea, as the place was already getting busy. We got our artist wrist bands, and headed into the arena.

Although we have been to many festivals, all of us were Bloodstock virgins, so we didn’t know quite what to expect. Firstly, the music at Bloodstock is brutal, and that’s it, no wait, there is chessey pirate and viking music too, mainly Swedish dudes getting the crowd chanting, but still brutal. Although it’s brutal, it still has the respectful vibe that you find at Download, and is absent at many mainstream festivals, it’s just that the crowd looks a lot more intimidating.

Resin @ Bloodstock 2013, Jagermeister Stage 9th August 2013 021

We found our way over to the Jägermeister stage, the back drop a Jager bar, and a little stage under a marquee, perfect for a early afternoon Resin unplugged set. The location of the stage was great, right next to the main stage, meaning we would get lots of passing traffic as our set began. By the second song we had a great crowd of 200-300 people all getting into some Resin, and probably enjoying a respite from the brutal music happening everywhere else.

Was great to play infront of such a large and new audience, and we got a great reception, we should do this for a living!!! Met lots of new people after the set, all pretty enthused about what they had just experienced. Some Facebook comments about us after the event:-

Highlight of Bloodstock Festival was seeing the awesome Resin on the Jager stage. Holy crap, were they good!

Wicked set at Bloodstock dudes, still got Clouds stuck in my head!

look at all the clever people who were wise enough to see Resin play before they become so massive u have to take on a wall of security to say hello only a matter of time now boys!!

Well on the train back….had an awesome day, must’ve seen over 8 bands in total but by far Resin were the best! You’ll be making the mainstage decent next year guys!

So a massive big thank you to everyone who came and watched us – your all awesome!!!! Pic and vid of you below!

Resin @ Bloodstock 2013, Jagermeister Stage 9th August 2013 006

So with our music out of the way for the weekend, it was time to hit the bar in the VIP area (35 ales :D), and do press interviews and meet some of the other awesome bands on at Bloodstock 2013. We have to give a special mention to the lads from Gormathon who we had some shits and giggles with keeping the Swedish Anglo bond strong. Check out there latest vid below.

Resin @ Bloodstock 2013, Jagermeister Stage 9th August 2013 019

Next up was our first press interview of the day for Get Your Rock Out. To be honest the less said about this interview the better! I was pretty drunk by this point, and that had an influence on the quality of the interview, but it should make you laugh, so here it is for your viewing pleasure!

After that the only othing thing to mention is that our fellow Leicester band Internal Conflict put on an awesome performance on the new blood stage, going up against Gojira they had an awesome crowd!

Bloodstock is an awesome festival, and if you haven’t been, you should go, see you there next year!