Guitar: Simon “Sime” Yarwood

simon yarwood bio pic

Sime is the boss of Resin, the organiser and the driving force away from the music, and that’s probably only right as his action of asking Chez to teach him to play guitar one night at an open mic night was the beginning of Resin. He takes care of all our bookings, organises the other monkeys in the band, and does all the negotiating. If you have spoken to Resin online, it was probably Sime.

Sime is also the boss of the sarcastic comment. At any given point in time, Sime has at least 4 sarcastic comments waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting recipient. He can equally cut you down in size or make you howl with laughter in an instant.

Not only does Sime have all these worthy roles in the band, but he also carries the title of best dressed band member. Every gig is a style statement for Sime, and you can’t be anything but impressed by his vast array of loud shirts.

On stage Sime plays the roll of the quiet man, just getting on with his job, letting the other members of the band doing the jumping around, the perfect tonic for the exuberance of the other performances. He is the Ox of Resin, you might not notice him, but without him it just ain’t right and something important is missing.