Guitar / Vocals: Mark “Chez” Roseby

mark chez roseby bio pic

Chez is a guitar god! The driving force behind all of Resin’s music, he is so much more than an epic guitar player. He is a modern day composer who thinks of new songs as a whole rather than just a riff. The only problem for the rest of the band is determining whether a Chez musical idea is jaw droppingly unreal, or just awesome! Playing his guitar from a young age in various Hinckley based band including Hollow, Sci-Fi Mafia and HT76, Chez just gets better and better, and has honed his talents to a world beating level.

Onstage Chez has supreme confidence in his abilities and nothing stops him from putting on a dazzling guitar performance every time he steps on a stage. Sometimes understated for a lead guitar player, often citing Portishead – Glorybox as the best guitar solo of all time, Chez only needs to play you the right note at the right time to make you melt and impressed, not 1000 in one second, even though he is more than capable of doing so.

Off stage Chez is a warm hearted soul who sees the good in everyone, and rarely has a bad word for anyone.