Mark Abbott

mark abbott bio pic

Mark is the baby of the band and was the last to join. Even though he originally comes from Bristol, he has never been seen with a pint cider in his hand. He got to hear about the vacant drumming post in Resin via a friend of the band, when he rolled up for his audition and played, it was obvious he was the man for the job. His drumming technique is faultless and it is a very rare occasion when he breaks a drum stick or skin. Full of musical ideas and more than proficient of drums, cello, Cajon and guitar, his musical talents are endless.

On stage the man is an animal on the kit. It’s rare for drummers to be showmen, they like to hide behind their symbols and stands, but not this one, he would be just as at home up front with a guitar. Some nights he goes for it so much, the rest of the band have to beware of this flying Sideshow Bob hair!

Away from the music, Mark is king of the one liners (mostly lifted from Tim Vine!). Occasionally surreal and obscure reference humour never fails to make you laugh. He is also a keen wearer of hats, eater of sandwiches, and a caring human being.


James on Mark

A man of far too many talents, I dread to think what he could do with a ping pong ball

Chez on Mark

11/10 on the bristol drummer chart!

Sime on Mark

On the Bristol stool chart he is a! Sorry on the scale of posh drummers there is a picture of Mark where number 11 should be

Sev on Mark

An awesome dude who plays the drums even awesomer, so he is well awesome, eeeeerrrrr awesome! 😛