David “Sev” Seville

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The only thing bigger than Sev’s beard is his personality both on and of stage! Sev exudes rock star personality on stage with performances normally only put on by lead guitarists, bass lines to die for , music to live for.

Outside of the band you will find him sat in a candle lit living room watching classic obscure movies stroking his beard deep in thought.

A restless bundle of energy bursting at the seams with an infectious laugh and the biggest bear hugs known to man !! Once known for throwing James into a Volvo head first but that’s another story.


James on Sev

The most gentle hard looking guy I have ever met but try to avoid his juggernaut hugs.

Chez on Sev

According to some, god created man, then man created bass, Dave took bass and created sub-harmonic terrorism in its sweetest possible form

Sime on Sev

The only thing bigger than his beard is his personality

Mark on Sev

A mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a beard