resin band

In the begining…

Starting as a three piece acoustic act James, chez and Sime were playing local haunts armed with an arsenal of classic grunge and rock covers, this led very quickly to demands for them to play full gigs their vocal and guitar harmonies hitting home from the outset, forming a band and playing the covers to ever increasing audiences wasn’t enough there were songs brewing and the time was right to unleash them

After trialing drummers and bass players the threesome were adamant that the lineup had to be perfect before their own songs hit the road and at the end of 2010 Sev the Beardy bass player joined the ranks followed shortly by Mark on drums and occasional cello . The songwriting started again in ernest flowing forth from a backlog of experiences that each member had lived through, it was obvious from the outset there was something special coming together . Writing for six months about everything we all feel, the anguish of loss the hopelessness felt at times for different reasons , addiction and the need to please our fellow man and be accepted in society but with a feeling of underlying hope , with the new songs RESIN was reborn and hit the road quickly getting picked up for radio play festival slots and main support slots for established artists. As is often the case members come and go but we have a good feeling about the current lineup, since the start of 2015 we have been rebuilt with ex Twisted Species front man Dave and drummer Stu replacing Mark and James and Drask ( formerly of |Enemo-J ) taking on bass duties from Sev

The Now

Ok ,during the last couple of years ┬áRESIN have taken their music to the road, playing Birmingham o2academy, festivals , london , Nottingham , Worcester , leicester , Bloodstock |festival 3 times ! and in fact anywhere they’ve been asked!!

Receiving regular airtime on radio stations around the world and multiple acoustic BBC sessions it was time to get the debut album recorded…Rounding off the year to a capacity crowd at the “Embrace the Fall” album launch party, with the album now on sale and new material being put together its now time for ….

The future…

Well that one is entirely in your hands folks , if you like what you hear shout about it !!!!! It’s a battle for any band to gain exposure and the best way is always word of mouth if you’ve read this bio heard the songs seen RESIN live and enjoyed it we can only hope you tell someone!!! New EP “Persecution Complex” hits the airwaves this summer