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NEW ALBUM !!! HI people ! it’s been a while! lost passwords an all that

we have a new album it’s called THE CYCLE OF NEED it’s ace and you can get involved in the launch which is Friday 13th of July !!!! we have a pledge campaign running where you can get some exclusive goodies plus direct download of the album on release day, and also first view of our next video

the first video Monster is already live on youtube and our facebook page

Artist signed posters
Festival crew
Cut out and dress Simon doll ( yeah sorry )
All this and more at
And you’ll hear tracks and see videos FIRST!

Resin Interview with Planet Mosh

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 8th June 2014 028
Simon had the pleasure of a chat with David Farrell from Planet Mosh this week. Find out what he had to say…

Guys, thank you for taking the time out to answer these questions for the PlanetMosh readership. For people just finding out about Resin, can you tell me the bands musical direction, attitude and influences?

From day one we’ve always had a love for the whole 90’s grunge thing but you can’t just rewrite classics you have to take what you love and fuse it with what comes from you , Chez who writes the majority of the music is in love with bands like MachineHead so there’s a heavier side to the music too in places , the new members have influenced the new tracks so there’s a refreshing change to how we write songs but the one thing we’ve always been true to is dynamics , light and shade , there’s only one attitude you can have as a band at any level if you want fans and that’s to be professional in everything you do , nobody wants to watch and more importantly spend their money on a band who’s ” just having a laugh “
Enjoy your craft but don’t take the piss out of the public they’ll see right through you

The bands final gig was at the Firebug on Dec 20th 2014, how long after that did you (Chez and Sime ) decide to resurrect the band, and why?

We ( Chez and myself ) started out as just the two of us and have been 90% responsible for the songwriting so during the end of 2014 we thought if it was possible to find the right people to get on board that kept the essence of Resin to justify keeping the name and also the band alive we’d give it a shot , I think we’ve done that and added something fresh at the same time , it’s still Resin just a bit dirtier

This is a new line for the band, how were the new members chosen, Auditions or were they already friends of the band?

We initially sent out demos to interested people and although some of the stuff sent back was extremely good it didn’t hit the spot or it was too far from where people expect us to be sound wise , we were at the point of knocking it on the head to be honest , we’d tried every avenue every vocalist that was interested didn’t fit, then out of the blue Dave Gandon our favourite vocalist from pretty much all the bands we’ve gigged with rings me up saying his band has split and would we be interested in trying him out ? Tagging along for the ride Stu Reynolds on drums from the same now defunct band ( Twisted Species ) who’ve we’ve always respected and along with Dave known well for four years
All of a sudden we just need a bass player ( and if you’ve seen Sev our previous one those are big boots to fill ) to complete the band a quick chat with longtime friend Drask ( who also wears big boots ) and we are in a room rehearsing !!

The first gig with the new line-up was not a low key affair, but a baptism of fire as it was at the very first Breaking Bands festival, did you not have time to do a warm up gig, or did you just think…Fuck It, let’s just do it?

Yeah most definitely “Fuck it let’s do it!” We spent most of the weeks leading up to that gig writing new songs and recording the ep rather than rehearsing , it was a pretty nervy affair but it worked we didn’t die we went down great and the new lads were instantly accepted by long time fans that had gone to the festival purely to witness the reboot

You received rave reviews over your Breaking Bands festival gig, did this help to cement the bands relationships with each other as a live unit?

I think it gave the new lads a confidence boost in honesty , I can’t imagine how they felt walking out on that stage as part of a band that ( I hope ) has a solid background and decent fanbase , I’m sure they felt they were being judged not just by the crowd but chez and myself as well , after playing though we knew it worked , ok it takes time to perfect but what a way to get things rolling !!
On a closing note we would like to thank Jason from Breaking Bands for having the belief in us without seeing or hearing the new lineup to find a slot and let us play the festival.


Lyric Video Launch for ‘Angel’

Watch our video - Monster

Well… here it is, thanks to our friend Andy ‘Sarge’ Pilkington from Very Metal Art we are extremely proud to present to the world our lyric video for the track Angel which is on our forth coming EP Persecution Complex.

New EP Goes On Sale

Resin - Front cover

We are happy to announce that you can pre-order a physical CD of our 3 track EP ‘Persecution Complex’ which is due out in the Autumn. This is a warm up to our next album and has already been receiving rave reviews from across the globe as well as extended airplay on some of the best rock and metal radio stations on the planet too.

The album is in CD format and can be purchased from our gigs or via our online shop for just £3 by  clicking here.

The Sad Passing of Mage’s Ben Aucott

ben aucott

As you may be aware we lost a great friend yesterday Ben from our closest “mates bands” Mage who sadly passed away. We would love to do something for his family to show how much he was respected and loved in Leicestershire. The comments and posts on social media today have been heartbreaking. So, and it’s not about money that is never going to help but what we will do is for every CD of ours you buy, for every tshirt of ours you buy, for every entry fee on the night including tickets already sold we will collect £1 to give to the lads from Mage to get his late wife a little something that has come collectively from the Leicester rock and metal scene.

We love you Ben \m/

New Merchandise Now On Sale

resin shop

We have had so many enquiries as to when the new merchandise will be on sale – well the answer is NOW!

With a slight change of the design and a nice bit of red colour into the mix, we now have available t-shirts, vests and hoodies at all our gigs as well as online for home delivery.

To grab one while stocks last click here to go to our online shop.

EP Launch in Leicester – 28th August at The Firebug

resin ep launch

The Firebug has become a spiritual home for the band so what better place to showcase the new EP ‘Persecution Complex’ than to our home fans. This is our only Leicester show until our Christmas Party in December.

Our special guest support bands are:

SUMER began in October 2010 and have since been pushing their unique brand of captivating Prog Rock/Post-Metal throughout the UK, gaining glowing comparisons to the likes of ‘Fugazi playing Tool’, Karnivool, Gojira and even ‘Sepultura meets Soundgarden’, cementing SUMER’s swiftly growing reputation as a band that are destined for great things. “Debut album from five-piece already threatening to go epic…the effect is spectacular” – Malcolm Dome Prog Mag, January 2015

Captain Horizon
“Emotional integrity and intellectual rigour married to songs of almost unbearably moving intensity” – Powerplay Magazine

Live, Captain Horizon deliver their songs in a frontal assault of passion, energy, vocal harmonies and charisma. Performance and entertaining their audience are critical as far as Captain Horizon are concerned.

The band was born in the summer of 2008 when Josh and Alex started writing songs that brought together the high energy and intricacy of music from bands like Incubus, Radiohead, Tool and Porcupine Tree, and the classic swagger of stadium bands like AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd and U2. Mez joined shortly after and set about bringing his unique brand of precise and original drumming to the music. Whitty was the last piece of the puzzle, injecting thunderous vocals, unstoppable self belief and the ability to charm any crowd before him.

Beckon Lane
Their first gig was supporting I Am I at Rock City a couple of months ago, expect big things from these boys in 2015 they’re doing everything right !

2015 Time to get things moving !

Firstly please accept my apologies for the out of date website, we have new members and once we have had the photoshoot sorted it will all be updated bandpicmontage_edited-1 but for now here’s a quick sneak peak at the new boys along with Chez and Sime , we have been busy stupid busy writing new material getting the new chaps up to speed with some old favourites and organising the new EP which you can pre-order at

We have a few gigs booked starting with Breaking Bands Festival in Bromsgrove alongside a whole host of awesome bands topped off with Breed77 who close the festival May 22/23/24th. A charity bash for Mayhem promotions at Fixxion in Wolverhampton where incidently Sime has been hibernating judging this years M2tM hopefuls . Back in Leicester in August and Dec at firebug ( some things stay the same ) and other gigs and tour to be revealed soon ,

We have a new logo and you can order new tees etc from  , if you want the 2 colour in a ladies vest no problem !

Anyway it was just a quickie to let you know we are alive and well, not to dwell on the past but to look forward to some great gigs and get this new music out there

cheers for your support during the last 3-4 months and for those that came out for one last party at Xmas well wasn’t that a night and i hope you all welcome Dave, Drask and Stu with open arms into this family of ours

see you in a few weeks !


First Gig of the Year with New Line-Up at Breaking Bands Festival

Lineup 20th April 2015

We are really excited to announce our first gig with the new line-up of Resin will be at the inaugural Breaking Bands Festival taking place in Bromsgrove on the late May bank holiday weekend. We will be opening the main stage on Sunday after a Resin tradition of free champagne (not bad for 11am!) and a loud shirt competition to pay homage to Simon and his shirt fetish!

With 3 days packed with fantastic bands and Breed 77 finishing off the weekend, we are really looking forward to getting back onto the stage and showing you all what all the fuss is about!

Lineup 20th April 2015

The end of Resin?


Hi all Sime here,

For the foreseeable future you won’t be seeing Resin out gigging after our Xmas party.

We’ve had a great time over the years and made some great friends played shows we would never have dreamed of when we first started out, from releasing our debut album, playing Bloodstock 3 times in 2 years, to getting Burn recorded to showcase our march forward, and generally amongst the hard work had the best time a bunch of immature idiots could wish for.

But things change and if we can’t give you 100% then that is unfair on you the people that take the time out to come and see us buy our music and generally put your all into supporting us, you deserve nothing less than that and at this time we can’t deliver that 100%.

So much left unsaid, too many people to thank to even begin naming them but if you’ve been a part of this band in any way, radio, management, bookers, festival organisers, fans, friends and most importantly family, from the four of us, THANK YOU IT’S BEEN A BLAST xx

Our final gig will be at Firebug Dec 20th let’s go out with a bang !!! And we have Mark back on drums for that one so please let’s have a party to remember and who knows what the future holds ?

When we know that I promise you so will you


As a parting gift, you can now download our latest recording “Burn” for free.

Some many of you have left heart felt comments, and we are overwelmed by your support.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Resin join FATangel management!


Resin are pleased to annouce we are now working with FATangel management. There going to be doing lots of behind the scenes work spreading the word about Resin. You’ll also see them at most of our gigs manning the merch stand, so go say hello to Angel and Chris.

Here is the offical statement.


FATangel Management are very pleased to announce that Resin will be joining us on our management roster.

We are honoured that the band have chosen us to help them take the next step forward to achieve their goals.

Our mission is to help unsigned bands get the exposure they deserve. We take on only hard working bands and have a strong interest in bands who have staying power within the music world. We believe that being passionate about not just the music but also the members of the band are the most important criteria for us when considering taking on a band.

For us, Resin ticked all of these boxes!

We loved Resin from the moment we first heard their music so we we were very excited at the idea of working alongside the band as their management team.

We have big plans underway already which include an extensive UK tour some time next year and look forward to working with them in the future.

So head over and give them a Like, and look forward to exciting things to come…..