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Important announcement from Resin

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 8th June 2014 031

It is with regret that we have to announce that our drummer Danny Finch is leaving Resin.

This a decision made my Danny, we are all sad to see him go and wish him luck in his future endeavours, he will be leaving a huge pair of boots to fill.

Danny has taken our live shows to a new level with his performances and energy behind the kit, and in the rehearsal room his input into the writting process has been invaluable.

Here is what Danny had to say.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that after Christmas I will no longer be performing with Resin.

It’s been an absolute blast and the guy’s in the band are all absolute gents and a crack to spend time with. I got to live out a childhood dream by playing at Bloodstock festival and this has by far been the best experience I’ve had in a band, but looking back over the past ten years of my life I really don’t have anything to show for it. I’ve gone back to college where I’m studying to be a welder and my aim is to make a career in that line of work and settle down.

Playing with a hard working band whilst I’m studying is just too difficult and it’s not fair on them for me to continue as they go from strength to strength. With this I am also retiring from performing in bands fullstop, however whilst Resin is on the hunt for a new drummer I intend to help them write new music and maybe even session for them in the studio so they can get that 2nd album out there.

For any drummer who’s got what it takes to match this bands high level of talent and stage presence this is a dream band to be a part of, so step on up! If you’re as committed to music as they are then you’ll be glad you did.

So if you want to take up the challenge send us an email via the contact form here.

Or message us on Facebook.

Listen to Resin’s new single – Burn

Resin - Burn

Here it is, fresh from the studio, the first single “Burn” from our forthcoming new album. Let us know what you think!!!!

Resin are going to Bloodstock & Alt-Fest 2014

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 8th June 2014 002

I’ll start this post by saying – FUCKING HELL!!!!!!! We didn’t think this was going to happen.

So it all starts last Sunday 1st June and the TBFM Factor Final. 390 bands got voted down to just 10 bands, and we were one of them. Out of the top 10 bands, organisers from Alt-Fest were instructed to listen to 3 tracks from the 10 bands left, and pick who they wanted at Alt-Fest. They picked us!!! So we will be playing on the Sophine stage at some point over the weekend, we’ll give you day and time when we know. For those of you who haven’t heard of Alt-Fest it’s a brand new festival so head over and find out more. Headlining is Marilyn Manson, The Cult with Dead Kennedy’s, Killing Joke, Arch Enemy, Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth plus loads of other bands, head over and check it out.

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 8th June 2014 024

Next up was the Bloodstock Metal To The Masses final at The Queens Hall, Nuneaton. After not winner the final last year, and making it all the way there this year, there was nothing we wanted more than to win this competition. The venue was a total sell out with over 300 people crammed into the room. Every band, Curv, Children Lost In Time, Morningstar, The Black Tears and Scattering Ashes all put of excellent performances, but I am totally thrilled to say we won the day. We played as good as we ever have, and couldn’t have done any better.

The crowd was amazing and we want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us in the TBFM factor and getting us to Alt-Fest, and to all the fans who bought tickets and voted for us during Metal To The Masses.

This means Resin will be playing 2 major festival in 2014, and really has given us a massive step up on the ladder. It’s going to be an awesome summer, so go buy your tickets now, and remember to buy your Bloodstock tickets via our website so we get a cut of the money to fund our second album.

Have a look at this video of the moment we found out we’d won Metal To The Masses.

Next up, have a look a this instructional video for the cut out Simon Yarwood doll, which you will be able to donwload soon. The 3rd installment is coming soon. Massive thanks to Marc from Children Lost in Time for making us cry laughing!

WE ARE IN THE FINAL!!!! Breaking Boundaries & TBFM Factor


RESIN ARE IN THE FINAL OF METAL TO THE MASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After an awesome show of local bands to a packed sweaty Queens Hall (well over 200 inside), Resin were one of the lucky 3 to make it into the final. Curv and Children Lost In Time also went through on the night, joining Morningstar, Scattering Ashes & The Black Tears for the final. Needless to say this is going to be an epic gig, we have 50 tickets to sell so get them early. The date is Sunday 8th June 2014 at The Queens Hall, Nuneaton as always. See a band member for a ticket or buy online here.


If you couldn’t make it to the semi final, lucky for you Skinner did and captured most of the night on film. The dude travelled from Hertfordshire just to come to the gig, so massive thanks!!!!

Next up, the 2014 Breaking Boundaries tour starts this weekend. If you don’t know what it’s all about, Sime when to TBFM Towers to do a show and tell you all about it. Give it a listen below and get all the dates and hear 2 tracks from each of the bands.

Lastly, TBFM Factor is now at the final stage, and we have made it into the final thanks to all of you lot voting for us everyday. For the final you only have to vote once with every email address you own. Follow this link, give us your vote, and we could win a record deal, photo shoots, gear and much more. It only takes a few seconds, and winner would help Resin moved forward faster than ever, and you want that right?! Then head over and fill in the boxes.

TBFM Factor Final Vote

Resin win Metal To The Masses heat & other stuff

Resin Win Their Metal To The Masses Semi Final 20th April 2014

Last night at The Queens Hall in Nuneaton, we won our heat of Metal To The Masses. The competition was high quality, and the other bands gave it their all. Runners up The Black Tears also go through to a semi final, so that’s 2 grunge bands in the semi’s!

Resin Win Their Metal To The Masses Semi Final 20th April 2014

Since the last post we have been gigging getting Danny up to speed with our live shows. We’ve passed through Wolverhampton supporting Voodoo Six, Cardiff’s Fuel Bar (long drive but worth the trip), Rugby supporting Slam Cartel (already booked for our Xmas gig), Boston Music Rooms London, and The Dog Coventry supporting Balls Deep. All gigs have a step up and forward, and are getting better and better.

Resin @ The Dog, Coventry 18th April 2014 004

Our semi final is on Sunday 18th May 2014 at The Queens Hall Nuneaton again. 70% of the decision is audience votes, so we need as many of you are loyal fans to come and show your support and vote for us. You can buy tickets online here, and we’ve started a facebook group for getting lifts to the venue here.

Resin release their first music video for Beskadig

Watch our first music video

Here is a big moment in the life of Resin, our first music video from our debut album “Embrace The Fall” for the unplugged track sung in Africaans – Beskadig.



Resin hit the studio for the first time!

Resin @ CM Studios, Coventry 8th February 2014 001

Resin entered the studio for the first time ever last Saturday night for a lengthy pre production recording session. Our debut album Embrace The Fall was mainly recording by ourselves at Chez’s house, so this was a first for Resin, and a first in the studio ever for some members.

Resin @ CM Studios, Coventry 8th February 2014 006

We have chosen CM Studios in Coventry to do all our recording for album 2, under the guidance of the awesome Simon Gimli Cliffe. So we gathered and setup to start pre production. We recorded 5 songs, 4 of which anyone who has seen us live will be familiar with, and 1 new song.

Resin @ CM Studios, Coventry 8th February 2014 002

9 hours later we walked out with something we are very happy with. It is sounding awesome, and this is only pre production, no layering, no fancy tricks, no enless takes until everything is perfect, just Resin raw and live.

We are all really excited about album 2 already after this session. So we have more songs to write, more to record, and money to raise!!!!!!!

Voodoo Six, Bloodstock 2014, Danny, Video shoot and gigs, gigs, gigs!!

Resin @ Firebug, Leicester 21st December 2013 060

2014 couldn’t have got off to a better start! First up Danny is really settling into the band. The stuff coming out in the practice room is sounding better than ever, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

If you haven’t already checked out our updated gig listings, go have a look as 2014 is already starting to fill up. More dates are being added all the time, so keep checking back.

One gig we are excited about is supporting Voodoo Six again, this time at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton. We’ve been waiting to play this venue for ages, and these ain’t no better way to do it than supporting a band that have been on tour with Iron Miaden. If you want to come you need a ticket, so click the flyer below and pay £1.00 less than the face value of the ticket!

voodoo six slade rooms

Now more ticket news. Any of you who are planning to going to Bloodstock this year (and who da hell isn’t?!?!) we need you to do us one small favour, and it’s simple. Just follow the link below to buy your ticket – that’s it! Why because if you do, we get a cut of your ticket money, which means we have funds to record our second album and keep doing what you love us to do. Get as many of your friends who go to use the link as well, and we promise all the money will go into recording album 2. There is also a link on our banner on the home page, and at the bottom of every page on htis website. So get clicking, and we’ll see you there (hopefully! More on that later).

So speaking of Bloodstock, we have again entered the awesome metal the masses competition running at the Crew in Nuneaton. Our first round gig is on Sunday April 20th, and as usual crowd responce is a large part of the judging. So if you want to see us at Bloodstock 2014, then make sure you come down and scream your tits off for Resin!

And speaking of the Crew in Nuneaton, we recorded our first ever music video there last Sunday. The track we’ve done is Beskadig from our debut album Embrace The Fall (now availabe in the shop again in a Smart Price version for £4.00 – nice). It’s curently in the editing stage, so should be with us soon.

beskadig video shoot

Ex Defiled Drummer Joins Resin


Well that didn’t take long! We are excited to announce drummer Danny Finch has joined Resin. It only took 1 practice and a few beers to make a decision, the dude makes an epic amount of noise from the kit, is uber talented (hope we can keep up with him), and a nice guy too. Now with have the right drummer in place, 2014 is looking mouth wateringly exciting for Resin. Get to a Resin gig as soon as we are next in your town to see what the fuss is about!



Here is the press release.


We are pleased to finally get back to full speed after a 6 month hiatus from gigging since the departure of Mark last summer , after only one practice session, coffee, tea and beer, where he turned up armed with our entire back catalogue nailed, we tried to break him by throwing our acoustic arsenal at him and still he didn’t waiver! So we are happy to say that ex “The Defiled” drummer Danny Finch has joined our ranks and will be joining us on the road and in the studio ! Coming into Resin half way through the writing session for our second album will bring a fresh outlook his ideas are already making themselves known in the practice room and his enthusiasm and skills have blown us away!


Gear (Beat’s and abuses): Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Roland Vdrums.

Previous bands: Various local Punk, Metal and Funk bands,

The Defiled

Age: 28

Musical Influences : Sevendust, Nonpoint, Alice in Chains, Pop Evil, Twelve Foot Ninja, Ministry, Breaking Benjamin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthrax, Tremonti.

Drummer influences/heros : Morgan Rose, Dave Ghrol, Chad Smith, Robb Rivera, Aaron Rossi, Animal from the Muppets. Josh Freese


Xmas Party, Drummers, Takeover Radio

Resin @ Firebug, Leicester 21st December 2013 053

Well it’s been a roller coaster few weeks in the Resin camp, and ages since our last update, so we’ve plenty to fill you in about. First up our Christmas Party at Firebug – what an awesome gig!!!

First up was Mage, good mates of Resin as they come from the Hinckley area. Awesome stoner rock, they put on an awesome show, and got the crowd warmed up instantly.

Next up was Mordecai. We gigged with these guys at the O2 in Birmingham in the first half the year, and we have had them booked for this gig since then, we were that impressed, and they lived up to their reputation on the night with a blistering set, including a every monster riff ever medley!

Then local boys Hells Addiction blasted on to the stage with their whiskey and women rock.

Then we took the stage for our first gig with Mark since August, and we kicked off with James performing Beskadig unplugged on his own. Until then, the only track from our debut album Embrace The Fall we had never performed live. Despite our best efforts to put him off he did great, and was a nice change in pace from the rest of the nights music.

So overall another quality Christmas party brought to you by Resin, we are already planning next year, so keep Saturday 20th December 2014 free!

So, as you can see, Mark Abbott was behind the kit for our Christmas gig. “But I thought you had a new drummer?” I hear you say, we did! On the Wednesday before the Christmas gig Sean rang us and told us that his Rottweiler dog had chewed his hand up and he couldn’t do the gig.

seans hand

So an emergency Bat phone call to Mark Abbott was needed, and he graciously agreed to do the gig. 1 practice was needed to pick up where we left off at Bloodstock earlier in the year, and we were as tight as a drum. It’s been 3 months since Sean joined the band, and things just weren’t working out as we all hoped, so Sean has now left Resin. Good luck to him in his future projects, and spread the word, Resin are looking for a new drummer AGAIN!!!!! (Yes we are like Spinal Tap!)

Next up, our interview for Takerover Radio. Broadcast hours before the doors opened before the Christmas gig, Sime & me joined Kevin for a chat about what’s been going on for Resin, what’s coming next and a Quiz of Doom? Have a listen.

So that is the end of 2013 for Resin. It’s been an up and down year for us, but overall still the best we’ve had. Highlights were without doubt Bloodstock and our Christmas Party, and low point was Mark leaving, meaning everything was on hold for the second half of the year. We still managed to gig our asses off, win new fans around the UK, get in Kerrang magazine, and parted ways with our manager.

2014 will bring good things for Resin, and we are aiming higher than ever, so make sure you are there!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from James, Chez, Sime & Dave

New drummer announced, Xmas party and merch sale!


We are happy to announce we have a DRUMMER!!!

Sean Dell has joined the ranks on the stool and we have to say considering the sessions we’ve had together he’s been playing with a broken finger this man is seriously good!!

Influences are Marco Minnemann, Jonny Rabb, RUSH and Stone Sour. He is also the Midlands ambassador and co-ordinator for WFD (Worlds fastest drummer) so keep in touch if extreme drumming is your sport of choice!!!

Right now we are going to be laying low while we get Sean up to speed, and get some new material together, the we will be back gigging like fuck again!

Christmas Party

Next up, we can announce the full and confirmed line up for our Christmas Party at Firebug Leicester on Saturday 21st December. Joining us will be Leicester greats Mage and Hells Addiction as well as the awesome Mordecai from London who played Download this year. It’s gonna be an awesome night, starts at 7pm, so head over to the shop and buy your ticket now, only £4.00!!!



Merch Sale

Speaking of the shop, head over there now and get 50% off all our tshirts and vests, that means just £5.00 each! We have some new designs coming soon, so snap these up quick before they run out, as we won’t be getting anymore!

resin tshirt

See you at the Christmas Party – Firebug Leicester, Saturday 21st December.

Resin are looking for a new drummer!

Resin @ Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Final, The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 7th July 2013 006

That’s right, the bad news is that our excellent drummer Mark is leaving Resin.

With everything seeming to be gaining momentum for us, Mark has chosen to step off the Resin train, to concentrate on his family, and doing other exciting thing with his life. Mark will be fulfilling all booked gigs until we have found a replacement, and there is no bad blood between us.

We are sad to see Mark go, we had some awesome times, and we’ve all been through a lot together. We wish our brother all the luck in the world, and you never know, he may reappear for the occasional cello apperance.

SO, we are looking for a new drummer!

Must have good knowledge of rudiments, phrasing, odd time signatures and perform while playing. Must have own equipment & car and be prepared for regular gigging.

Aged 25+ prefered, no time-wasters, or c*nts.

In the last 12 months we have released an album, featured in Kerrang magazine, been on the cover of TBFM magazine, played at Bloodstock, gigged over 50 times across the UK.

In the next 12 month we want to do more.

If you want to take up this challenge, get in touch with us, we are waiting for the one…

Bloodstock 2013!!!!!

Resin @ Bloodstock 2013, Jagermeister Stage 9th August 2013 014

AAAWWEEESSSOOMMEEEE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That kinda sums it up, but if you’d like more details keep reading.

It’s kinda still all of a haze with so much happening and hangovers still in the background, but I will try and put into words Resin’s experience of Bloodstock 2013. Getting there early Friday morning was a good idea, as the place was already getting busy. We got our artist wrist bands, and headed into the arena.

Although we have been to many festivals, all of us were Bloodstock virgins, so we didn’t know quite what to expect. Firstly, the music at Bloodstock is brutal, and that’s it, no wait, there is chessey pirate and viking music too, mainly Swedish dudes getting the crowd chanting, but still brutal. Although it’s brutal, it still has the respectful vibe that you find at Download, and is absent at many mainstream festivals, it’s just that the crowd looks a lot more intimidating.

Resin @ Bloodstock 2013, Jagermeister Stage 9th August 2013 021

We found our way over to the Jägermeister stage, the back drop a Jager bar, and a little stage under a marquee, perfect for a early afternoon Resin unplugged set. The location of the stage was great, right next to the main stage, meaning we would get lots of passing traffic as our set began. By the second song we had a great crowd of 200-300 people all getting into some Resin, and probably enjoying a respite from the brutal music happening everywhere else.

Was great to play infront of such a large and new audience, and we got a great reception, we should do this for a living!!! Met lots of new people after the set, all pretty enthused about what they had just experienced. Some Facebook comments about us after the event:-

Highlight of Bloodstock Festival was seeing the awesome Resin on the Jager stage. Holy crap, were they good!

Wicked set at Bloodstock dudes, still got Clouds stuck in my head!

look at all the clever people who were wise enough to see Resin play before they become so massive u have to take on a wall of security to say hello only a matter of time now boys!!

Well on the train back….had an awesome day, must’ve seen over 8 bands in total but by far Resin were the best! You’ll be making the mainstage decent next year guys!

So a massive big thank you to everyone who came and watched us – your all awesome!!!! Pic and vid of you below!

Resin @ Bloodstock 2013, Jagermeister Stage 9th August 2013 006

So with our music out of the way for the weekend, it was time to hit the bar in the VIP area (35 ales :D), and do press interviews and meet some of the other awesome bands on at Bloodstock 2013. We have to give a special mention to the lads from Gormathon who we had some shits and giggles with keeping the Swedish Anglo bond strong. Check out there latest vid below.

Resin @ Bloodstock 2013, Jagermeister Stage 9th August 2013 019

Next up was our first press interview of the day for Get Your Rock Out. To be honest the less said about this interview the better! I was pretty drunk by this point, and that had an influence on the quality of the interview, but it should make you laugh, so here it is for your viewing pleasure!

After that the only othing thing to mention is that our fellow Leicester band Internal Conflict put on an awesome performance on the new blood stage, going up against Gojira they had an awesome crowd!

Bloodstock is an awesome festival, and if you haven’t been, you should go, see you there next year!

Bloodstock, Bico, Breaking Boundaries Tour, Album Rerelease & Deals!!!!

Resin @ TBFM 4th Birthday Bash, The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 31st June 2013 044

Lots to say so lets jump in!

First up our big announcement – WE ARE PLAYING BLOODSTOCK!!!!!! Yes you read that right, we are playing the awesome Hobgoblin sponsored festival on the same bill as Lamb of God and Slayer!! We didn’t manage to win the Metal To the Masses competition, but the judges were so impressed, they have rewarded us with a slot on the Jaegermeister Stage. So make sure you are there 13:40 on the Friday afternoon! We will be around all weekend so come say hello if you see us.

Resin @ TBFM 4th Birthday Bash, The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 31st June 2013 068

Second up, we are ecstatically pleased to announce our first endorsement deal with Bico Austraillia. For those of you not familiar with this awesome company, they make the jewellery that Sev has been wearing around his neck forever, plus loads of other cool stuff! Most of the designs are based on tribal or surfing styles, but they also have style to suit everyone, including pink girly stuff.

bico logo 580

We have to say a massive thank you to Daniel and everyone else over at Bico who are all enjoying our debut album too! You may have noticed us wearing the jewellery over the past couple on months, and we are going to carry on cus we think this stuff is awesome! There might even be some Resin jewellery on way!

bico jewelry

Head over to the Bico website and check out all the awesome stuff you can buy right now, and don’t forget to mention us to them when you place your order!!!!! Go like them on Facebook too!

sev bico

Last weekend we completed our “Breaking Boundaries Tour” with our now good friends Twisted Species, Captain Horizon and Evolution Of Man. This was a 4 gig tour with each band headlining a gig in their home town. Each gig had lots of people there, and was a blast! Was great to gig with like minded bands with great work ethic, all promoting the gigs as much as possible. We’ve made lots of new friends along the way, and will defo be gigging together in the future. Go check out the bands and video from the gig in Worcester:

Captain Horizon

Twisted Species

Evolution Of Man

Next week is our debut album “Embrace The Fall” rerelease date (Monday 5th August if you’d forgot) And to celebrate we are doing a deal in the shop. Add the coupon code “Bico” (case sensitive), and get our album “Embrace The Fall” and a Resin logo TShirt or ladies Vest for £15!!! Bargain. The offer will run until the end of August, so get yours now!!!!!!!

resin tshirt

Worldfest, Bloodstock, Big Cheese & Tattoos

Resin @ Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Final, The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 7th July 2013 004

Resin’s busy weekend kicked of at Hollycroft Park in Hinckley for Worldfest. I’d never been to Hollycroft Park, let alone Worldfest, so wasn’t sure what to expect? The weather certainly was going to help as the sun was pounding on everyones skins. Hollycroft park is a great place for a gig. A natural amphitheatre with a large bandstand, and lush greenary alround, the perfect setting for a family day out. We went on first doing a unplugged set which is a bit of a rarity these days, doing mostly covers with a few of are own thrown in. The crowd seemed to love it, especially Sweet Child O Mine, especially 1 fan, but more on that later. Cheers to everyone who came and said hello after, and enjoyed our set.

Resin @ Worldfest, Hollycroft Park, Hinckley

After a Resin BBQ evening at James pad (great food!, don’t miss if you get an invite!), it was time for our Bloodstock Metal To The Masses Final at The Queens Hall in Nuneaton. The competition was going to be fearce as we were up against some great bands. Simon Hall from Bloodstock was in attendance and would be a guest judge for the evening.

First up was Chaos Engine, followed by Invictus. Both bands put on great sets and performed much better than they had in the semi finals, also helpped by the fact that we all had someone working the lights which always adds to any performance. Next was Internal Conflict who were amazing, and set the bar for what needed to be beaten if you wanted to win.

Following them was a band called Almost Easy, who I hadn’t seen yet, but everyone was raving about. They came on stage and looked like a bunch of losts kids, but when they started playing that all changed. A band made up of 14 year olds pretty much showed everyone one up, they were great and have a long future in front of them.

Next we went on and debuted a new song called “Burn”. We only started writting this tune 3 weeks ago, and we thought it was right to play it in the final. That’s 2 new songs we’ve debuted in this competiton in sucessive rounds, not bad writting speed while maintaining the quality. Anyways we had a blast and thought we were in with a shout at the glory. You can see our new song “Burn” and the judges giving the results below.

After that set back, we had another. Our first national printed media coverage was published in the well known Big Cheese magazine. They were kind enough to review our debut album “Embrace The Fall” (rereleased 5th August if you had forgotten!) and here is what they thought.

Resin Embrace The Fall Big Cheese Review July 2013

This is the first negative review we have every had, so we aren’t taking this to heart. We believe in what we do, and so do you our fans. Don’t worry Big Cheese, we shall remember this day.

So to end this post on a slightly higher note just like a Disney film, here is a picture of our first (as far as we know) fan tattoo! After seeing Resin for the first time on Saturday at Worldfest, legend fan Paul Wykes got our name tattooed on his forearm! If you have a Resin tattoo send us a pic and get on our website.

Paul Wykes Resin Tattoo

Download, Hinckley Music Festival & Lucy’s Bar

Resin @ Hinckley Music Festival, 22nd June 2013 015

Bit of a Download review to start this post. I was only going for the Saturday, and was well looking forward to seeing Mastodon, Alice in Chains and Iron Maiden all for the first time beleive it or not! I real reason for going of course was to walk around with a Resin tshirt on (picture below) and hand out pre release version of our album, not to have fun at all :)

First up Mastodon, been my favourite band for a few years now, albums are amazing so I pushed to the front for a full experience. Sorry, but what a disappointment! Sound was good, but they band were totally going through the motions. No entertainment at all, limited crowd interaction, just a bit boring, and not much different from listening to the albums at home, not what I expect or want from a live band, but maybe I was just expecting too much? I dunno, anyways, I still can’t stop listening to them!

Next Alice in Chains, the godfathers of Resin. Starting with Them Bones they put on an awesome set, and I was blown away, they were even better than I was expecting. So it was a bag of shit the set got cut short! Probably the best sound of the weekend for me, thick and full!

Motorhead turned up, and did what Motorhead do – rock the fucking place. I never tire of seeing Motorhead, even though you know what’s coming, they have earned a status of immortality through never giving up, staying true to themselves and doing what they want, and that deserves respect. I read Lemmy has been ill this week and had to cancel some shows, get well soom Lemmy, the world needs you!

Queens of the Stone Age were also a big disappointment, not that I have ever been a huge fan. I just don’t enjoy seeing a pretend band. I know who Josh is, but who da hell is everyone else? I don’t care if you are flopping you hair everywhere and rocking out, I don’t know who you are and so don’t care, they are not a band, it’s Josh and some dudes he hired, and I don’t like that, but most other people at Download seemed to, so just me again.

Iron Maiden were amazing! That is all you need to know. I have never seen a show like that, and I can’t think of many bands left in the world who do a show like that. Everyone should see Maiden at least once in their life.

From what we’ve heard our friends Emperor Chung and Mordecai went down a storm so well done to them!

That went on a bit, more Resin News below!

Sev @ Download

Next for Resin was Hinckley Music Festival. We had been looking forward to this gig, a festival in our home town is always going to be a good gig. Although rain was forcast, it was still a healthy turn out (especially in the Chav area full of twats doing drugs in the toilets). It was great to have so many great Leicester bands on the same bill, especially the other great local Hinckley bands Internal Conflict, Mage, Enraged & Axis Mundi. The stage was awesome and really professional, Bill had done an awesome job, as he always does as an experienced local promoter. Big well done to the TBFM lads for manning the main stage and making everything run smoothly.

Luckily for us, everything was running ahead of schedule by the time we were ment to be hitting the stage at 6:30pm, so we went on early and did an extended set – awesome! We had a blast playing on a massive stage with pro kit to all of our friends, why don’t we do this for a living!? Special mention to Matt who came from Manchester to see us, Kelly who came from Taunton, Laura & Jamie coming from Dorset, and to Martin who film us playing our new tune “Shit Storm” have a watch below, and there are also some new vids in the video section of the website.

Last night we headed to Hednesford near Cannock for our first gig up that way. The venue was called Lucy’s Bar, and from the outside looked like a truck stop from Smokie & The Bandit! On the inside it’s a fully kitted brand new music venue with more stage lights than Live Aid!

Questions of Angels started the evening with a new lineup, with a guitarist only joining 2 weeks ago, a brave man been thrown in at the deep end! Followed by Piston who we met at one of our Emma Scott gigs in Birmingham. Was a good night at a great venue, think that place had more kit than all the venues in Leicester put together! We shall return!

Kettering, Bloodstock Final & Merch

Resin @ TBFM 4th Birthday Bash, The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 31st June 2013 015

Saturday was our second trip to Kettering, and we played at The Cherry Tree. It was a cramped pub, especially when a double decker bus turned up full of revellers from the Welland Valley Beer Festival looking for a good time, we obliged and gave them some Resin. Dave and Sime spent most of the gig obscured by a wall, but otherwise, good gig. Sprial Dive then continued the show into the small hours until no more beer was left!

Our new merch is now on sale in the web shop. We have white print on black TShirts and ladies vests, availabe in all sizes. Buy online or come ask us at any gig!

resin tshirt

Sunday night was our Semi Final at The Queens Hall Nuneaton for Bloodstock’s Metal to the Masses competition, where the winner gets to play Bloodstock. It was a high quality line up, and the competition was fierce. We were up first, and gave it everything we had, probably one of our best performances for a while, we walked off buzzing! Shame everyone one only got a strict 30 minutes.

boa backstage

Every band who played gave 110%, and I’m glad we didn’t have to judge. In the end, the judges had to changes the rules and put 2 bands through on the night, and 1 wildcard. Chaos Engine took the wild card, Invictus went through as well as (drum roll) RESIN!!!! We were pretty shocked but well pleased to have impressed the judges. The final is on Sunday 7th July at The Queens Hall, Nuneaton. Audidence votes count for a lot in the final decision, so we need as many of you, our loyal fans to come down and show your support! We need you!

boa queens hall

TBFM 4th Birthday Bash, Malvern, Battle for Bloodstock & More…

Resin @ TBFM 4th Birthday Bash, The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 31st June 2013 012

Last Friday we had the honour of opening up TBFM’s 4th Birthday bash at The Queens Hall, Nuneaton. We’d really been looking forward to this gig as we love everyone over at TBFM, and you show go listen to their radio station when ever you can. We had a blast and debuted our new song which is as yet untitled. It’s a slow groove head nodder, so keep an eye out for it at our future gigs.

After us was Massive Wagons, a band we have been hearing about, but hadn’t crossed paths with yet. They put on a belting set, of pure old school rock. They were followed by Fake Snake (White Snake tribute) and the 80’s band Doctor & The Medics, niether of which are really our thing, so we said our good byes and readied ourselves for the following nights gig.

Resin @ TBFM 4th Birthday, Queens Hall, Nuneaton 31st May 2013 02

Saturday night we were making our first trip to Malvern to play at Re-con. Probably the nicest town we have ever played at, and the venue was awesome too. Great sound, room and people all made for an awesome night. Mudball opened up for us putting on a right energy poppy punky set. Our set was one of the longest we have done for a while, so we threw our back cateologue of covers into the mix, and by the end we were soaked in sweat – awesome gig!


We have just found out tonight that we have been givin the wildcard spot in Battle for Bloodstock’s Metal To The Masses competition! This means we are playing at The Queens Hall in Nuneaton again this Sunday!! Audience votes count in this competition, so change whatever plans you have and get down there!

Recent gig and album reviews

Been a while since a post as lots has been going on behind the scene, so it’s time for a catch up.

First up, we had a great time at The Shed in Leicester a a couple of Fridays back gigging with Obsessive Compulsive on their UK tour. Great band and great people. The place was packed with 3 other local band playing as well. The stand out of which was Three Thirds Below, and great poppy punk band who were really good at what they do, check em out when they are next in your town.

Obsessive Compulsive really took the place up a notch and where a breath of fresh air, something which is badly needed down stairs at the shed! The crowd lapped it up, and got what they wanted.

Next up we played on what was probably the smallest stage we have ever played on! It was so small there was only room on stage for the drum kit and amps, everyone else was in the crowd which made for a really intimate gig. There was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Resin do a cover of Raining Blood by Slayer, our little tribute to the great Jeff Hannemann who sadly passed away that day :(

Obsessive Compulsive @ The Shed, Leicester

The following week we heading to Coventry to do our first ever electric gig in Coventry at the newly reopened and refurbished venue – The Dog. This place has clearly had some money spent on it, and is a venue well worth checking out when your next in Cov. It was a great line up of bands, and a real mix of styles which we great for the massive crowd that turned up to watch. There must have been 200+ there from 9pm onwards, not there for any specific band, just to see some live music, something we badly lack in Leicester.

We had a blast at the gig (after some technical problems), and really enjoyed the very different and original Octogoth. Check out their video below, it doesn’t really do there live act justice, but check it out. We shall be back at The Dog sometime soon.

Now onto a few album reviews we have had of late, all of which are good! Please go have a read of them a spread the word about Embrace The Fall. Remember it is rereleased on August 5th. You can preorder in our shop today!

With influences such as Seether, A Perfect Circle and Alice In Chains, UK based alternative rockers Resin are described as ‘packing a formidable punch’ and being ‘blessed with thoughtful song –writing abilities and a range of musicianship and diversity that is rarely seen amongst today’s current glut of metal/metalcore bands’ – which is a fairly brazen statement! Due to release their new album, Embrace The Fall, on August 5th, Garry from SAN PR sent us through a copy to check out, so we figured that since these guys sound like an act to check out – who were we to refuse?

Kicking off with Entropy we’re led slowly into the beginning of the album, an acoustic guitar line leading the way whilst managing to build a sense of anticipation, combining the soft and melodic sound with a sense that what is to follow is not going to be this laid back. Soon kicking into things fully, the soft and smooth opening moments of the track soon give way to an Alice In Chains style track, the melodic vocals soaring over a chunky riff backing and forming into a sound that’s raw, heavy, groove orientated and the sort of thing that’s sure to get live crowds begging for more. Funky as well as heavy, there’s something about this track which makes you move, getting you involved with what you’re hearing and setting the album up very nicely indeed. This is an approach which continues into Carpe Diem, once again offering us a track which eases into being in an almost Alter Bridge style, before kicking in with that soaring guitar tone once again. Using all of the elements to bolster the sound into something deep and powerful, this is a track which continues the groove orientated approach of the album, showing once again why we should all be paying attention to Resin, and suggesting that there’s a seriously bright future laid out in front of these guys.

Continuing the progression of the album into Fallen, once again it’s clear how able a band we’re dealing with from the word go, using the intricate guitar work to lead the way into things whilst demonstrating their understanding of music through the addition of the cello work, a combination which, on paper, doesn’t necessarily sound like it should work, but does. Dark and haunting, this is a track which uses the softness of the elements to fully accentuate what’s going on, sounding like a hybrid of Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains, and working to lure you in, keep you listening, and keep you begging for more. Pushing all thoughts of chilled out and acoustic style stuff to one side for Fake, we’re soon returned to the more ‘in your face’ and full on approach that got things going, this time leaning on the heavy riffery on offer from the guitars whilst allowing the bass and drums to build on the sound, strengthening it as it goes. Powerful, packed with hooks and the sort of track you find yourself singing along to after only a couple of listens, this is a serious high point on the record for sure, and a moment to make sure you check out.

Working through Instinct and Beskadig, the band continue to demonstrate their prowess at song writing as well as their understanding f their instruments, offering up tracks which are raw, heavy, soft and emotional, both seeming to ooze out of the speakers as they progress and showcasing what the band are capable of doing. It’s when Clouds is unleashed upon us through that a slightly different side is revealed, presenting us with a track that’s groove orientated once again, yet somehow manages to sound ‘off piste’, refusing to follow the conventions laid out by their peers and instead, offering up a style that from hence forth can be known as Resin. Powerful throughout, the raw edge to this track is what stands it out, presenting a track that packs a punch whilst still managing to throw hook after hook out for consideration, a track which holds single potential for sure.

Once again reaching another high for penultimate track Poison, the band have saved one last moment of pure genius for consideration, presenting the listener with a track that’s dark and haunting, yet emotional and catchy at the same time, demonstrating further their guile when it comes to song writing, as well as their ability to play their various instruments. It’s only then left for Clouds (acoustic) to finish the album, closing with a demonstration of how well their tracks work on different levels, and leaving you safe in the knowledge that what you’ve just heard has been something special.

I’ve been impressed by what Resin have put together here as it’s not straight forward, it doesn’t follow convention, and instead, offers up a unique take on post grunge mixed with alternative approaches from start to finish. The band clearly understand their instruments and songwriting, and the tracks on offer here demonstrate this throughout, constantly pushing the boundaries of their style and encouraging the listener to crank the volume, sit back and simply enjoy what they’re hearing – one to watch.

Words: Dave Nicholls

Important Announcement

Resin @ The Queens Hall, Nuneaton 24th March 2013 017

We as a band along with gigging our asses off , writing new tunes and generally getting a name as one of the hardest working underground bands in the UK have also been working really hard behind the scenes ….

What does this mean?

Well there are some exciting things happening over the next few months, and a consequence of this is that from the end of this month our debut album Embrace The Fall will for a while no longer be available for sale, it will be rereleased in August for reasons that will become clear over the coming months.

For those of you that have already bought the cd we thank you from our hearts for your support, you own something special and something that nobody else will ever have an exact copy of.

It will be available to download from all the usual stores until the end of the month but as our first batch of CDs are now all sold that will be the only way to buy it until its rerelease.

There is the option to preorder the Embrace The Fall CD for despatch in August here on the website and from next month you will be able to preorder it from download retailers again ready for August.

Hopefully running up to the rerelease you will start to see the work we have put in coming to fruition and the name Resin will, with a little luck become a name a lot more people are familiar with.

The album will be streaming still on our website and places such as Spotify and Deezer so listen as often as you like and get your orders in!

We will have new design tshirts in the store very soon and those of you that buy one will get a discount if you purchase the cd from us in August !

Here’s to a great year for us and for you our fans that push us to be the best we can, for those that have been with us from the start I’m sure you feel this is a journey we are all making together, we appreciate your support more than you will probably ever know! On that note it is time for you all to play a big part in the next step! Please shout about us share our website, music, photos, gigs, Facebook page anything to add to what we have been working on recently to boost our profile and hey you never know we might even hit the charts in August?

Much love

James , Chez , Sime , Sev , Mark