2016 IS GO!!


We start the new year on 27th Feb at the Snooty Fox Wakefield part of the Badass Bash weekend can’t wait to get back on stage , you coming? here’s the event link https://www.facebook.com/events/875179205931682/

Our Ep has won a BEST EP of 2015 award and we were there at the TBFM awards to collect our prize how cool is that! you can buy it on cd in our shop www.resinband.com/shop or on Itunes and Amazon just search Persecution Complex or listen on Spotify !

we have a couple of hoodies left in our store and still have vests and tees so spend a little cash if you can spare it

our first acoustic outing this year is Breaking Bands Festival https://www.facebook.com/events/445969085565973/

we are also heavily involved this year with Leicestershire Metal 2 the Masses so if you’re local come and say hi at the heats or the final at DeMontfort Hall

see you on the road