2015 Time to get things moving !

Firstly please accept my apologies for the out of date website, we have new members and once we have had the photoshoot sorted it will all be updated bandpicmontage_edited-1 but for now here’s a quick sneak peak at the new boys along with Chez and Sime , we have been busy stupid busy writing new material getting the new chaps up to speed with some old favourites and organising the new EP which you can pre-order at http://www.resinband.com/shop/pre-order-ep/

We have a few gigs booked starting with Breaking Bands Festival in Bromsgrove alongside a whole host of awesome bands topped off with Breed77 who close the festival May 22/23/24th. A charity bash for Mayhem promotions at Fixxion in Wolverhampton where incidently Sime has been hibernating judging this years M2tM hopefuls . Back in Leicester in August and Dec at firebug ( some things stay the same ) and other gigs and tour to be revealed soon ,

We have a new logo and you can order new tees etc from www.resinband.com/shop  , if you want the 2 colour in a ladies vest no problem !

Anyway it was just a quickie to let you know we are alive and well, not to dwell on the past but to look forward to some great gigs and get this new music out there

cheers for your support during the last 3-4 months and for those that came out for one last party at Xmas well wasn’t that a night and i hope you all welcome Dave, Drask and Stu with open arms into this family of ours

see you in a few weeks !