10 years gone already !

who would have thought we would still be around after so long ?

we have achieved so much considering we never set out to achieve anything at the start, but as the band matured and the right members came on board things changed. i would like to thank every person that has spent time on stage with us as a band member over the years, each new member has brought a new dynamic and moved us forward to where we are now and for that i’m deeply grateful


We see the year out at Firebug our home from home with some of our favourite bands so we would love you all to be a part of that and share some Xmas cake and bubbly heres the facebook event link https://www.facebook.com/events/1712496172311108/

we have some great stuff coming up in 2017 it’s already looking exciting and we will be recording soon for anyone that wants a bit of new music

will do a full round up year end